Stella Reddy’s Story of Being Bullied by Kory & Allison Read

My name is Stella Reddy and I have been the subject of a severe online Smear Campaign by Kory & Allison Read within the content of various domains they own and manage.

Kory & Allison Read got upset they were evicted for their actions of refusing access to an apartment they lived in, where I worked as building staff.

Kory & Allison Read thought they had a right to say whom could enter, and when, to do anything in their apartment. As Allison Read states in one of the letters I received “I will except a few dates to choose from, and I will choose from these same dates and times to let you know what works for me and my family.” Where is this in the Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario? Actually, where is this located in ANY rentals anywhere in the world?

Kory & Allison Read got mad and these websites are their revenge for being evicted.

I have gone through some terrible mental health issues due to this smear campaign, had a mental breakdown in July 2018 that I am still recovering from, and we even packed up our family and moved over 3000 km away to get away from the target these sites put on my back in Ontario!

Who in their right minds would stay living in a property with such a target on your back that was made by these sites? I had no choice than leave, or lose my mind with fear these sites created for me.

You have no idea the fear and paranoia these websites created in my life. I lived in a city of over 4 million people alone, any one of whom could have taken Kory Read’s news jacking sites to make a “statement” as Kory Read’s content was pushing people to do. I was so fearful, I got physically sick whenever I had to leave my apartment.

Do Kory Read really think his opinions matter enough to actually be able to affect my life, as he has written on these websites? Why even bother to post such garbage online if he wasn’t looking for some reaction?

If you go by the content within those domains, Kory Read believes his personal opinions on each individual actually matter in the scheme of things but in reality, they don’t. I have come to accept this.

Kory Read is only one person, and not highly educated at that! His personal opinions don’t carry much weight, especially when you look at his smear campaign overall.

According to Kory Read and his content within these sites, as copied below, he wants people to accept that each of these agencies deliberately “targeted” him and his family. Try and wrap your head around that one! How can that even be possible?

That each agency below, and every individual involved who worked there, took the time to be in “cahoots” to just evict Kory Read and his family and were in “cahoots” to cover it up?

Who in their right minds would even consider such an elaborate plan as laid out by Kory Read on these domains content could even occur?

I am sure, each person who spoke with Kory Read, or read any of his numerous documents, took the time to connect and make such a plan to ensure that Kory Read gets nowhere?

Why would each of these individuals take the chance of ruining their own careers by doing such a thing as Kory Read claims online?

Kory Read thinks he is special enough that each person took the chance of getting caught and losing their jobs. just to go after him and his family.

It is this thinking that I find so unbelievable! There are so many holes in this narrative, it makes them glaringly obvious as you read this garbage.

PART ONE: Read about the Racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy
PART TWO: Read about how the HRTO enables and tries to protect their own Racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy from being held accountable
PART THREE: Read about the racist cover up by the SJTO Complaints department in regards to the interracial married couples / tenants filed complaint.
PART FOUR: Read about the racist cover up by the Ombudsman Ontario in regards to the interracial married couples / tenants filed complaint against Kevin Lundy and the SJTO.

By the way, the Ombudsman office is a new one that was recently added. As I am no longer available to get at, Kory Read is trying to go after others instead and is creating a smear campaign to go after these agencies instead.

his deliberate mishandling and a perfect case of racial discrimination and anti-black behavior against an interracial married couple / tenants and their bi-racial children by the SJTO and HRTO was all done not because the evidence was weak, nor over whelming.

But done to protect and enable on of their own members the racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy who start the whole ball rolling.

With the paragraphs above, Kory Read is trying to re-write history, laying the groundwork to try and show that everyone else is the problem, not him.

Kory Read is the catalyst, as these are his domains!

I copied he sentence below to show Kory Read’s hypocrisy. What does Kory Read think the content on his domains is if not humiliating, disrespectful, demeaning and cruel towards these people, myself included?

Kory Read felt disrespected, so he thinks it’s okay to create such a Smear Campaign that he has online.

Kevin Lundy‚Äôs deliberate lack of actions towards the Respondents and his actions malicious and calculated actions towards the  Applicants was humiliating, disrespectful, demeaning and cruel and unusual punishment“.

As it states, narcissists will try to place blame at everyone else besides themselves and this is what Kory Read is doing. Trying to make it seem that everyone is “out” to get him and his family and that they were “targeted” by so many agencies and the individuals whom work there. Desperatly hiding with his word salalds his own actions.

By trying to create such an elaborate smear against people, it is only drawing attention to what Kory Read is leaving out of the equation: his own actions of just posting this content online.

Kory Read continually refused access, which is why they were evicted, yet he wants people to accept that everything started with Kevin Lundy? Why were you before Kevin Lundy in the first place Kory Read? Why were you even taken before the Landlord and Tenant Board in the beginning?

I did make the mistake to allow his words to affect me during HRTO process. I had no other choice than reading his garbage he sent and after awhile it got to my psyche. Not anymore!

I made this site in April 2020 to expose Kory & Allison Read for their actions online but since I moved back to Newfoundland I have found my peace and I find I no longer have any interest in maintaining this site, so I removed all my content and will leave this page here till it expires.

I have no more interest in Kory & Allison Read. They made their choices and now have to deal with the fallout of that and there will be many for years to come! I hope they suffer to be honest. End up on the street with no place to live and no income. Would serve them right! Yes, I am still a bit bitter! Who wouldn’t?

They can remain in Ontario and stew in the mess they made of their lives. These domains don’t hold Kory Read’s name, just Administrator, but it is easy to see who it is and all domains have a similar theme.

Everyone is starting to know who they are and what they are up to online. I am happy to see that.

Kory & Allison Read are nasty people who have no problem crossing boundaries.

They contacted my employers, tried to get added to family on social media, even myself! Where else do you think they got the pictures they share online from? They are old pictures now.

They bashed me to everyone within the building, even stood in the Lobby door, nabbing tenants as they came and went to tell them how bad I am and wanting them to join their Tenant’s Association. This association was only set up in the hopes of getting enough tenants together to have me fired. It didn’t work.

They even tried to speak to prospective tenants who come to look at a vacancy!

They even snitched pictures of my niece’s family including her 4 young children! Where do you think the pictures of the 4 children eyes on one of these domains came from? Yet, Kory Read says he never uses children online! What a lie!

Kory Read invaded every aspect of my personal and professional life, even going so far as to go to previous places of employment, trying to get “dirt” on us. He mentions this action on!

Can’t you tell by the content within these domains they made how much they invaded my life and put it all on these domains for the world to see? Is this really proper behaviour, no matter the reason?

Who does those things, if not bullies intent to smear you? What else would be the purpose?

Kory Read tries to claim altruism, that he is being socially conscious. If this is the case, why hide his name? If he truly was being socially conscious by sharing info, why not have the ability to contact him to discuss his content?

Kory Read is just trying to cause trouble, which is what a Smear Campaign is!

Kory Read can try to hide, but his narrative gives him away! Kory Read has ruined his own reputation by continuing with this smear campaign online, as no one will trust any person who writes such content about others like that.

Kory Read is like the boy who cried “wolf”, putting his false narrative all over the internet within the content of various domains thinking it will find him allies, but he is wrong. All it gets him is his own labels, that of being untrustworthy and a bully. Kory Read refuses to admit he did anything wrong!

Who will ever trust anyone who tears down others online like how Kory Read has done within the content of these websites? If he did this to one person, he would do it to another.

Kory Read is a narcissist, plain and simple.,selfish%2C%20patronizing%2C%20and%20demanding.

Kory Read fits this description to a tee and you can see it in his writings online within the content of these domains! Such arrogance I never saw before!

I know the judicial system of Ontario won’t ever take them seriously anymore. If they ever have a legitimate complaint, no one will accept it and I assume they have been given a “vexatious litigant” label as well. You can’t continually lie to the courts and expect to get away with it!

Kory & Allison Read should also be very careful to follow the rules of apartment living, or they will find themselves ostracized from rentals as well! Who wants a tenant like these as neighbours?

I already spread their name to all property management companies I know to watch out for and even some private rentals as well! Its easy enough to look for his name on

Kory & Allison Read got mad they were evicted, legally, for their consistent refusal of access to the apartment. Order released October 3, 2017 and this Smear Campaign is revenge for this eviction.

Kory & Allison Read tried to Appeal with Divisional Court in October 2017 and the hearing held February 2019 they LOST! and

Kory Read even filed with Human Rights of Ontario in June 2018 and decided after 19 months not to bother to show up for the hearing finally scheduled January 2020!

They didn’t show up for the HRTO hearing as they knew they were losing! Of course they were, it is all lies! What else could happen?

I have so many videos of Kory Read acting in a malcious manner that I kept for Human Rights in case I needed them.

Does the behaviour shown in this video by Kory Read show that he is being “targeted” by the staff and that he is “afraid”? Or does it show the reverse, that he is being the BULLY?

As a result of all this loss, Kory Read decides to smear everyone involved online instead within these websites below!

Troublemakers, that’s all Kory & Allison Read are! They hide their names, refuse to give even any way to contact them, yet think people will just accept what they write about others online.

See how nasty one human being can be to another, all just for doing their jobs!

The list is:

If you bother to read any of their content online you will notice that Kory Read dehumanizes each individual he names with labels and put downs yet never admits to their own actions that got them evicted in the first place. Kory Read doesn’t even bring up that they always refused access that got them before the LTB!

“A smear campaign, also referred to as a smear tactic or simply a smear, is an effort to damage or call into question someone’s reputation, by propounding negative propaganda.”

The first website showed up November 2, 2017 of and it has expanded ever since.

I have saved all versions of each domain on the web archive of if you want to see how each have changed over the years!

The time has come for me to move on with my life and enjoy what I am building here. I don’t have much time nor interest in keeping up with Kory Read’s online Smear Campaign anymore. I have lost interest as I have more important things to do now.

The fear and anxiety is gone for me. I have been shown by Newfie’s that they don’t care what some stranger has to say about you online, they take you as they see you. I am surrounded by family and friends, old and new, that not even groups on Facebook will have any affect on!

All it takes is to meet me to know what Kory Read says is all a lie! Besides, Kory Read is not important anymore and is not involved in my life at all anymore! I AM FREE!

Kory Read is nothing to me, not a friend nor family, therefore nothing he writes online, nor tries to do, will ever affect me and my life again. He can bash me all he wants, it won’t get him anywhere anymore.

It is over for me. I have a beautiful life to live, and I am determined to enjoy it!

Letter to My Bullies!

Dear Kory & Allison Read,

Please, feel free to continue on your merry smearing of my character, I have been shown over time that no one cares what some stranger has to say about another. It’s been 3 yrs and it hasn’t gotten you anywhere, has it? I am still here, living my life. I am happier now than I have been in years!

Your domains’ content is a fabrication from your fertile imagination and time has shown that.

No one believes that I all of a sudden decided to “target” you for eviction when I never did it before in 18 yrs, and no one will ever believe that each individual you had contact with decided to “target” you as well.

Sorry, you are just not that special that anyone would take the chance of ruining their careers over by “targeting” you to evict you.

While I lived in Ontario I did have great fear of being attacked by one of the 14 million people living there, any one of whom could be looking for an excuse and finds it in the news jacking of your sites these days. The Police didn’t help either by telling me this!

I want to thank you for giving us the incentive to leave Ontario, as it was the best decision I could have made. I am recovering from the trauma of your smear campaign and bullying ways and will only get stronger in time. I have found my place and am happy here.

Our move has been very smooth and we are settled in our new home and my hubby loves his job! I do volunteer work, as I find it hard to stay home anymore and want to be out around people. I was very isolated in Ontario but not anymore!

I wish you luck in your smear campaign. I hope you do come to see that in the end, the only damage being done is to yourselves, as you will never get away from these actions of yours. You posted this content, now deal with the consequnces!

I am done with it all!

Stella Reddy

Stay Away From Kory & Allison Read! They are TOXIC!