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As Adult Bullies, Kory & Allison Read only share bits and pieces of the Landlord and Tenant Board Transcript they paid for and the recording of the hearing they got for Divisional Court I thought I would share its entirety here on this page.

On this page you will hear EVERYTHING, even Kory Read playing up to the people sitting there.

While I appreciate that Kory & Allison Read felt that the adjudicator that day should have proposed the hearing till theirs was scheduled for Oct 31, 2017, the adjudicator was not obligated to do so and neither were any of us obligated to let it.

What you don’t see on any of these pages is me shaking my head when the adjudicator asked about postponing till then and the “guess not” comment he said from seeing me shake my head. He asked, we responded with me shaking my head “no” to a postponement. I was allowed to do that and the adjudicator was allowed to proceed. Remember, we filed first for a hearing and paid for the privilege to have one. We were not obligated to wait, Kory Read shares the rules online but I guess he didn’t really read them as he would know that.

The reason on the paperwork given was the refusal of access, for which there are many emails written by Kory & Allison Read stating as such. Yes, I put in the harassment, which they didn’t find.

As Kory & Allison Read states at this hearing, which you can hear and read below, that they did refuse access and the adjudicator telling them they can’t do that.

This is why they were evicted but Kory & Allison Read don’t talk about that, they just talk about everything everyone else said and did, nothing about them. So, here it all is!

Landlord and Tenant Board Audio Recording Sept 26, 2017

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