Kory Read’s Adult Bullying Causes Mental Breakdown July 2018

July 14, 2020

Below I will show the email I received that was my breaking point and caused me to have a mental breakdown on July 4, 2018, where I went into psychosis and had varying hallucinations that come with it. I have not been the same since this day.

Once you read the below, you may understand why as this action was totally disrespectful and deliberately done to embarrass and humiliate me by sharing very personal information they had no business sharing with anyone. This is also a perfect example that shows they do not respect boundaries and show how triangulation works. There are various examples of this in their written documents I have! 

To give you some perspective, I had already been part of bullying and smearing of my character since August 2016, with various allegations by Kory & Allison Read with the other tenants living in the building. I had to sit in the office and listen to Kory Read standing in the lobby to smear me to everyone who walked in the door, even prospective tenants coming to see a vacant apt. I had so many tenants come to me to tell me they are “out to get me”.  I even had prospective tenants ask me about the website, 859kennedyroad, as they saw it when researching the building. But if you notice, they came anyway! Most didn’t believe any of the content on there, especially after meeting me! It was still hard to hear and go through. 

I had also just gotten the Human Rights applications against me with the 107 pages of “Statement of Facts” on June 4, 2018, that went from June 2015, when Allison Read moved in with her children, to June 2, 2018. These documents I later labelled “Statement of Suppositions” were filled with the various personal allegations of racism and discrimination levelled against myself and the property owners. It was only later they added my husband to the mix. These papers are just personal opinions of Kory & Allison Read, just like the rest of their documents, as there is no substance. All hearsay, which is why HRTO stated they had to provide proof in March 2019, as they didn’t so far in any of this. There is also a lot of evidence in these papers of their lack of respecting boundaries, especially with other tenants living here, as they used their info without permission once again. 

 I don’t think they have any idea what it means to respect anyone else’s boundaries.

Kory & Allison Read deliberately emailed the property owners about a personal issue that had nothing to do with the owners nor the company, and as you will see by the dates below, they sent this email almost a month after receiving them from me. Why did they wait, if it wasn’t strategic to them?  The property owners knew about the application I filed but wasn’t aware of details. 

Kory & Allison Read made it their business to let the property owners know these facts by sharing the emails I sent to HRTO, and a personal letter to them, just after they found out it was dismissed. This is what sent me off the rails.

It was not their place to do this. Kory & Allison Read had no business sending this email to the property owners. They deliberately made a personal issue very public to people who had no reason nor business to know these details. It was sent from my personal email address and had very personal issues within it that my employers had no business in knowing that was addressed to Human Rights and to them personally. Why else do this very deliberate act if not to “get to me” and try for another reaction they could use against me, which was exactly what they did! It sent me into a breakdown where I went crazy and lost 2 days I will never remember and it changed me, completely. I lost myself for a long time after this and it was hard to get back to myself.

Even after I quit my position here, I was still getting emails from Kory & Allison Read over work issues in my personal email address. What is with that, if not to bug me? 

What would this action do to you? 

This was the last straw after all the many months of stress, listening to Kory & Allison Read bash me every chance they had, especially within earshot and it wasn’t the first email like that they sent out to people, even my employers. I have varying emails with the same message, Kory & Allison Read trying to bring others into the mix in attempts to control me by humiliating me with other people. I was being bullied for many months before this. This action, upon personal reflection, now tells me that Kory & Allison Read did these things in the hopes that the property owners would get so fed up with having to deal with it all, that they would fire me. It has always been their intention, to see me move out like they had to do. They wanted me to either “have a heart attack or commit suicide” so they could get away from this mess. 

All of Kory & Allison Read’s websites have content within that he hopes will create pressure on the property owners to fire my husband and make us move out. Kory & Allison Read are hoping that these websites will embarrass and humiliate the property owners so badly with all the negative content within about them and their business that they will try to get rid of us to get away from the situation. Maybe they should do some research online about employment and protections for employees. 

“In Ontario, the employer has a legal duty to make the workplace safe, so if there is any indication of behavior that would make the workplace unsafe, the employer must address it,”

Little did they know, I quit my job that day and will never be the person I was back then. I will never work again and am now retired. I am determined to continue living here until my husband can retire, which is still many years away. I am stubborn that way… I refuse to give in to Bullies who are determined to try and drive me away from my home to get away from the target on my back. I prefer to fight back instead with this website. 

How would you feel if a stranger emailed personal information to your boss about a very personal situation you were going through? Don’t you think there should be some boundaries Tenants should not cross with building staff? 

What do you think was the intention behind Kory & Allison Read sending these emails to my bosses?

From: kory@koryread.com <kory@koryread.com>
Sent: July 4, 2018 11:49 AM
To: Property Owners
Cc: Stella Reddy <sreddy@hotmail.ca>; Stella Reddy < >; Allison Read <allison@allisonread.com>
Subject: Email # 1


This email has been forward requesting that you please tell your employee Stella Reddy to quit emailing and harassing us.

We do not have to live here and live this way, constantly being lectured by your employee who tries to insults us, bully and goes on excessively long and pointless rants.

As you have encouraged this behaviour from her in the past, we would hope that this time you would ” Check ” and correct your employees behaviour.

Our emails are not for ANYONES personal rants.

We request that you “check” your employee immediately.

Kory & Allison Read

We have attached a copies of all the emails to us from your employee Stella Reddy.


 June 6, 2018  8:26 am

As per their rules I am sending you the info I sent to Human Rights Re:

File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948.


 From: Stella Reddy

To: ‘HRTO-Registrar (MAG)’ <hrto.registrar@ontario.ca>

Subject: RE: Application Stella Reddy File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948

To: ‘HRTO-Registrar (MAG)’ <hrto.registrar@ontario.ca>

Subject: RE: Application Stella Reddy File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948

Good Morning,

Please find attached 2 files that I received on Monday June 4, 2018, concerning a filing to your agency from the same people I filed my claim about, Allison and Kory Read. I would like to add these papers as evidence to my file, File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948. The 107 pages in the statement of facts layout all the harassment, discrimination, actions, and complete lies,  of these tenants Allison and Kory Read of 303-859Kennedy Rd.  They state the application was about me but it starts outwith previous building staff, including their names and there are other various privacy breaches with other tenants in these papers, no names but unit numbers are there and it has their parking spaces. They have twisted the facts, omitted important regulations and facts, made assumptions about every action I have taken. Reading these papers and their personal opinions over everything I do, you can easily tell they have a personal vendetta against me and the property owners. These papers prove my case as with the detail in here about when the alleged meeting at some restaurant on Eglington Rd where the supposedly racist comments came from me, the evidence I submitted with the complaint shows

I was never in that place at all nor that area around any time in June 2016, as it is not possible to be in 2 cities the same time. As this alleged meeting is the basis of their whole complaint of racism against the evidence I submitted shows that it never happened, and as such is considered harassment. I don’t think they really thought about what they were doing, as with receipts, bank statements, google timeline activity, witnesses of my big family, it is easily proven where I was at any given time in the month of June 2016 when this meeting supposedly took place.I am sure that’s why they didn’t pick an actual date, as I could show where I was on that day as well. They have no idea where I was before I moved in here and started working here.

As you will see in the Stella Reddy HTRO application, under the question of if these facts were part of another application this person says no, but there are 2 applications ongoing now with various agencies. First, it was my complaint, file number above that I submitted in August 2017 and these tenants filed a appeal with Divisional Court for the eviction for refusal of access they received from the landlord and tenant board in October 2017., which is still before the court and should be heard sometime in Oct 2018.

Thank you for your time and if you require anything else please let me



Stella Reddy


June 9, 2018  1:46 pm

Word Document – This is a letter from me, personally, not from the company. I am really tired of reading the crap you write as it actually makes me physically sick, it is so twisted. I probably shouldn’t even be writing this but I want you to know that I have no intention of backing down and I will stand up for myself against your harassment and the more you send me the more evidence I have against you. You have just given me the evidence to prove my own case of harassment, as these papers are full of it. Those papers are not a statement of facts, it’s mostly your own personal opinions, hearsay, and speculations on what YOU think, and they are also full of your own discriminations and prejudices as well as opinions on how we should operate the building. It’s your words in there and cannot be denied or retracted. Did you even get anyone else to read those papers before you submitted them? I couldn’t even finish reading it all, and still haven’t read it all, just sent them to my lawyer and to Human Rights. And you say I am racist and show discrimination? What do you think you have in these papers? Do you even know what harassment is? These writings are a perfect example of harassment as described below.

Definition of Harassment

Under the Policy on Harassment Prevention and Resolution, harassment is

defined as:

improper conduct by an individual, that is directed at and offensive to another individual in the workplace, including at any event or any location related to work, and that the individual knew or ought reasonably to have known would cause offence or harm. It comprises objectionable act(s), comment(s) or display(s) that demean, belittle, or cause personal humiliation or embarrassment, and any act of intimidation or threat. It also includes harassment within the meaning of the Canadian Human Rights Act (i.e. based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability and pardoned conviction).

More specifically, harassment is normally a series of incidents but can be one severe incident which has a lasting impact on the individual.

Essentially, the definition of harassment means that more than one actor event is needed in order to constitute harassment and that taken individually, this act or event need not constitute harassment. It is the repetition that generates harassment. In other words, harassment consists of repeated and persistent behaviours towards an individual to torment, undermine, frustrate or provoke a reaction from that person. Itis a behaviour that with persistence, pressures, frightens, intimidates or incapacitates another person. Each behaviour viewed individually may seem inoffensive; it is the synergy and repetitive characteristic of the behaviours that produce harmful effects.

However, one single incident can constitute harassment when it is demonstrated that it is severe and has a significant and lasting impact on the complainant.

Each and every time you go against the rules of the ResidentialTenancies Act, the Landlord and Tenant Board, including even the property rules, it reflects badly on you and will be used against you. By defying all these rules all it does is tell people that you believe the rules do not apply to you and that you feel you can do what you want in the property. All the emails, letters, posts on Facebook and the website you did, withholding rent, defying the parking rules, making threats that you will deduct rent over parking tickets, sharing personal information about other tenants on paper, even without names, as well as various others including what got you evicted, is breaking the rules, not only of the RTA but also of Privacy Act and Human Rights. You even added in there your harassment of another tenant in trying to get him to sign something for you! Where in that letter do I say I got a complaint or spoke to tenants? You have broken so many rules it’s hard to keep track.  Do you really think doing these things are helping you?  Do you really think anyone who reads just that 107-page papers you sent the other day will expect the property owners to allow you to stay in a building where you have no respect for the rules, other tenants, the staff, or them? Based on those papers alone no one will expect that you are allowed to stay in this building with property owners where the relationship is so bad.  All the harassment you throw out about the staff and owners does not show any willingness to work with them in order to be able to stay either. You can complain and make accusations about staff throwing away keys, illegal notices, letters, complaints about forms, parking spots that OTHER tenants have, the current cost of rents and parking all you want, it is not going to make any difference because in the end, you do not have the right to tell the owners how the building should be run and it is more harassment. Where is your proof that we did these things? Don’t you think that if my Forms were illegal would have gotten you evicted?  If all these things we are doing to manage this property is so illegal, why is it that we are here still doing it 2 years later? Don’t you think that if I was doing wrong things it would have been exposed by now? Most of the complaints in those papers are about the operation of the property, speculations and suppositions on what YOU think, which is hearsay, and the bottom line is that you have no say in that, so complaining about it is a waste of everyone’s time.  You try so hard to prove I am doing illegal things, it just points out your own wrongdoing instead and makes you look culpable.

The adjudicator, whom you called “ghetto” in these papers, which is discrimination, took a week to complete the eviction order as he took his time, but in the end, he knew the tenant/landlord relationship had deteriorated to the point where it can no longer be fixed, which is reasonable conclusion to come too after hearing everything, and as a result, you and your family were evicted based on the fact that you both were so vehement in your refusals of entry for repairs. He states that in the order and this is why he chose the eviction. Copied and pasted below directly from the order. These are the facts and cannot be changed. There was no bias, no one will give a shit what I said out of frustration over your lies, as in the end, it was what you did that got you evicted! My reaction is a normal human reaction to hearing details of a lie you perpetuated to base your accusations on and as you seem to be continually keeping it up, without even proof that this even happened, is harassment as defined by the Human Rights. As he stated in the lines below, you both were so vehement in your refusal to cooperate with access and it is this continued vehemence that got you evicted. I am sure the hearing recording as well as the transcript of the hearing, will show this vehemence from both of you. You and your family were evicted based on your own actions! As you still continue to be so vehement in your actions and words, which these 107-page papers prove with everything else you have done since this hearing, especially with the visitors parking, it is only strengthening those convictions within everyone that you will not be able to live in this building peacefully and be able to abide by the rules like everyone else.

  1. Given the lengthy history of refused access to the rental unit and the Tenant’s and K.R.’s vehement policy of non-cooperation with the landlord’s employees, I do not find that they would likely comply with a conditional order to cooperate with all lawful notices of entry served by the Landlord.

The tenant/landlord relationship is so broken that with any result with the appeal, you will still be required to move out, as, in the end, no one will agree to allow you to continue to live here with the landlord/tenant relationship being as it is, even if I wasn’t here. Itis just not done.

You only have yourself to blame for what your family is going through.No one else did this to you, as it was your own vehemence in trying to control access to the apartment for repairs, but you seem to have conveniently forgotten that fact. The judicial system is a lot smarter than you think and you can try and bury these facts in as many accusations against others as you want and in building operational complaints, it won’t change them and everything that you have done since is only reinforcing those facts: that you have no respect for the rules and regulations of apartment living, the property owners nor the staff, including other tenants, as you refuse to follow the rules then, and continue to do so now, without regard for anyone else, even your own family, and it is for these reasons alone that you were evicted from the apartment. All your own words in these papers show that. There is nothing you can do at this point to change that. It was your own stubbornness in wanting to control whom enters and when, and what for, is the reason you have to move out. Blaming others for your eviction is just a smokescreen to try and cover your own actions, but the truth always wins out in the end. It takes time, but eventually, it all comes out and it will in this case too, as the end is close. I have no doubt about that as I have every confidence in the court system.

Stella Reddy


June 10, 2018  11:42 am

As sent below


 From: Stella Reddy

To: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) <hrto.registrar@ontario.ca>

Subject: Re: Stella Reddy File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948

Good Afternoon Registrar,

Please accept the email below and have it added to my  File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948 as proof of the continued harassment. As you can see in the email addresses below they sent this response to my employers at the following emails address: , whom is not involved with this complaint as a means to “demean, belittle, or cause personal humiliation or embarrassment, and any act of intimidation or threat”.

As their harassment is based on an allegation of a racist conversation I allegedly had with them at a public restaurant in mid-June 2016, details of which they supplied is in my evidence I submitted, the company I work for, employment which started June 29th, 2016,  is not part of this complaint and for them to deliberately send an email to my employers about it is an attempt to embarrass me with them is against my human rights as well as privacy as they made direct reference to my Human Rights application below.

Thank you for your time and if you require anything else please let me know. I am hoping that this application will soon be before the Tribunal as I am in need of a resolution. I am looking forward to proving their allegations are false and that the conversation they allege didn’t even happen, as I have documentation to show where I was on any given day in June 2016 before I moved into this building and started working here and I am interested in seeing what proof they come up with.


Stella Reddy