Kory & Allison Read do not know me, never did. We are not family, nor friends. They were tenants whom were EVICTED, and this is their REVENGE for this eviction, A Smear Campaign

I wanted to make something very obvious about Kory & Allison newest post above. He don’t talk about another scenario where someone is coming out of the stairwell just as he hit the keyless code in and the buzzer went off. While it is hard for anyone to see someone in the entrance from the stairwell door as they write, they do not mention the huge 10 feet (ca. 3 m) by 10 feet (ca. 3 m) mirror that is on the opposite wall, that covers the lobby but it is in the video he shares. Its huge and can’t be missed! Kory Read, in this video, don’t bother to go to the stairwell, does he? Maybe he already did that and it showed what I said could be possible and didn’t want to show it here as it would prove he is lying? So, yes, someone coming out of the stairwell, the door that you can see in this video too, can see in this mirror who is in the entrance by the entry panel: they heard the weird buzz, looked up in the mirror, saw the dog coming in followed by Kory Read, so they went back up to the 2nd floor so not to be seen and Kory Read went to the elevator. They then told me about what they saw. So, Kory Read is lying once again and is caught lying once again.

Anyone coming into this building cannot miss the huge mirror there, as people use it all the time to look at themselves as they come and go. It’s in the video he shares!! If you stand in the stairwell entrance, you can see everything and everyone in the lobby without them seeing you, so yes, this actually happened. This mirror was a strategic placement, and is common in apartment building lobbies!!

Nothing more than more personal speculations, without facts, by Kory & Allison Read. This post is a total lie and can be proven as such just by doing the actions yourself and you will see what I said could actually happen.

As for other tenants here knowing what was going on and not wanting to hear Kory Read bash me in person once again as he was doing. Why else would the property owners have to send out the notice they share here about it if they were not actually doing it?

Also, if Kory & Allison Read got along and were so chummy with all the tenants living here, why didn’t they have ANYONE ELSE file complaints as well? Why were Kory & Allison Read the ONLY tenants living here who claim these things against me and the owners, if it actually happened? Wouldn’t you think that if I was a racist, I would treat all interracial tenants living here the same as they claim I did to them? Yes, Kory Read did bash me to other tenants and even perspective tenants coming to see a vacancy. I heard him myself from my own balcony various times.

Even more evidence of Kory & Allison Read being Adult Bullies intent on a Smear Campaign. They just keep giving me more and more evidence of Stalking, Hate Propaganda, and Defamatory Libel. These are Criminal charges that can result and what I am pushing for. Another email went to the Toronto Police today with the new additions of posts and domains that are part of this Smear Campaign online. I was told this new stuff just might lead somewhere so heres to hoping!!

Update: Despite yesterday and today pointing out and proving on this site Stella Reddy still willfully and White Pride proudly continues to want to associate herself with them.
The above statement on, shows Kory Read determinations in needing to be believed and followed. Just because he went out of his way to STALK total strangers online and look for anything he can use against them and voices these speculations in such a manner, he believes that people should just listen and do as he says and not associate with them.

Isn’t that just what describes a ADULT BULLY? Tearing down someone so badly with words and speculations so no one will want to associate with this person or face their wrath? So I associated with someone online and liked their post on a specific topic, now of a sudden these people are facing Kory Read’s wrath for associating with me, even just online in a simple comment of support for a situation? See the terror Adult Bullies put people through? What more evidence do you need, other than Kory & Allison Read’s very deliberate acts of aggression on their websites?

Up until yesterday Stella Reddy could have played the” and continues on with his personal thoughts on what I should have done, once again telling me how I should live my life. Talk about wanting control hey? Why would any person who is not family nor even a friend, sit behind their computers and spend so much time speculating over my life and the people in it? What is the obsession Kory Read? Are you just that bored and miserable in your own life that you have to speculate over someone else’s?

Why can’t Kory & Allison Read just grow up and leave my life alone and go and live their own? I am sure there are issues there they could be spending their time on.

As a society, we need to STAND UP to Bullies and let them know their behaviour is NOT COOL!

This website is in my name, as Kory & Allison Read took it to use for this site as a deliberate act. Since this site was first posted online in April 2019, the content has changed a few times, even moved hosting companies and domain providers. Each time complaints got it knocked down a bit, it showed up somewhere else with new content. Such determination. Why is that I wonder?

When last checked Newfoundland still had the internet and people could still search up individuals by names and their history. Just in case the racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband think they can hide from
the internet, their racist and anti-black behavior and these websites.

I copied the above from and yes, Kory Read is correct, there is internet in Newfoundland but one big difference, I have no fear of living there, not even with Kory & Allison Read’s Smear Campaign online, as I know the speculations on my life as written on these sites, is not accepted there. I did nothing wrong.

Instead they are forced to move due to their own actions and inability to recognize their own faults and misdeeds.

Another quote above showing Kory Read’s inability to accept responsibility for anything he does. Talk about projection!

It is Kory & Allison Read actions that is forcing us to move, for the very obvious smearing websites online. Not only is the content made up of lies, rumours, exaggeration, and total speculations over every aspect of my life that has severe effects on my mental health, their instigating content puts a real target on my back. With these very deliberate actions, they are making it unsafe for me to stay. Yes, it is Kory & Allison Read’s fault I don’t feel safe to stay living here and have my husband continue working here.

What does Kory & Allison Read really think these continual accusations and false allegations does to the psyche of the person being attacked in such a way as they are doing, and have done, over such a long period of time?

Kory Read shares pictures, addresses, and telephone numbers, even a map, showing where I live. Now who in their right minds would continue to live under such a threat that they have created for us?

How is it that Kory Read does not see that these hateful websites of his is what is driving us to move? Does he really think we would want to have any “ BIG OLD RETIREMENT PARTY” at any point with such hateful websites online that they created?

It is enough that their Adult Bullying and Smear Campaigns contributed to my mental breakdown 2 yrs ago, and I had to quit, and it still continues to affect my mental health. Kory & Allison Read are delusional to think their actions are not at fault. It is obvious when you read just some of their written content on that site their intent is to hurt me, mentally and physically. It is the purpose of a Smear Campaign after all!

Kory & Allison Read made the choice to post such content online bashing me and anyone to do with me, yet now that it is being shown that these actions contributed to my mental health problems, have created a real serious threat to my physical safety enough to drive me away from our home and his job, they are trying to claim I am a fake and faking my issues. “Stella Reddy is a fake” and “And the pattern of her lying only continues with her conveniently fabricate PTSD“. Any excuse to get out of being responsible for their actions! Is Kory Read or Allison Read a doctor?

And she is beginning held accountable for her actions and having to answers for her behavior.

I have no idea why Kory Read wrote this here. If I had done anything wrong, even illegal, there would be some evidence of it and it would have come out by now. It has been almost 4 yrs here and I worked in the industry for 18 yrs. Besides, if there is anything I should be accountable for in any of my actions, it would have come out in their Human Rights complaints. Instead, Kory & Allison Read wasted 19 months of my mental health, and every ones time, for nothing, as they ignored the teleconference and didn’t call in so the applications were dismissed as abandoned. Why do that if they were so sure of what they accuse me of?

So what is it again I need to be held accountable for? I did nothing wrong, no matter Kory Read speculates in his word salad content on these sites. I know it and so do they. All you need to do is meet me to know that Kory & Allison Read are lying. You can’t judge someone based on the words of another, no matter how strong their opinions.

All the racism allegations are a fabrication, made up from Kory Read’s nasty mind when they were being forced to allow entry to the apartment when they didn’t want to do so!! These lies were elaborated upon when Kory & Allison Read were taken to the Landlord and Tenant Board for the refusing of access. They had a whole year to make up stories to try and throw the spotlight onto me instead of their own actions. Ever since then, their stories keep changing, and they keep adding even more accusations! Talk about obvious!

Kory & Allison Read made complaints about me to every agency they could and each time they were shot down. What does that tell you?

Now, as they lost all their legal actions against me, they decided to go the public route and create and post these websites online bashing my character, and recently going after other family, and even some random stranger online who liked and commented on this site. What makes them think they actually have any influence over the general public when they had no influence over the legal actions they were part of? Did they not LOSE them all?

The 2 pages to this post I shared above is some rant by Kory Read. So many speculations there, like :

Let us note that NO ONE is sitting in Stella Reddy’s soon to be vacant apartment, holding a gun to her head, making her type this racist material and putting it online. 

Let us note that NO ONE is sitting in Stella Reddy’s soon to be vacant apartment, holding a gun to her head making her link a White Pride raiocst’s website to her own blog.

And NO ONE is sitting in Stella Reddy’s soon to be vacant apartment, holding a gun to her head making her look for “support” and advice from a extremely proud White Pride couple to post on her own blog.

Stella Reddy does this of her OWN free will and desire to try and gain followers on her blog and social media.

Now lets put this in perspective and switch it around here and show the real truth of all this. 

Kory Read posted on November 2, 2017 where they first Smear myself and the property owners with their allegations. Kory & Allison Read started this situation with their refusal of access, and they continued it ever since first in the building with other tenants and then online. I wouldn’t need to be looking for support over the Adult Bullying and Smear Campaigns against me if Kory & Allison Read didn’t start it in the first place!! What is wrong with support, no matter where it comes from, if it helps you? What, I am not allowed to seek support for this very terrible thing I experienced because Kory Read has a problem with it? 

My website showed up here March 12, 2020 where I tell the truth and show the evidence, from the beginning that do not include the mess Kory Read has turned it into now. As you can make and post websites, so can I. As you put whatever you want on your sites, so can I. Kory Read is such a hypocrite and these actions point it out so clearly! 

Let us note that NO ONE is sitting in Kory Read’s soon to be vacant apartment, holding a gun to his head, making him type this smearing material and putting it online.

Let us note that NO ONE is sitting in Kory Read’s soon to be vacant apartment, holding a gun to his head, making him take my words from my website to use on his own blog.

And NO ONE is sitting in Kory Read’s soon to be vacant apartment, holding a gun to his head making him look for “support” and advice from total strangers for his many lies about Stella Reddy by posting such content online in VARIOUS websites.

Kory Read does this of his OWN free will and desire to try and gain followers on his blog and social media. Kory Read does this of his OWN free will in his attempts to news jack with the current news for more exposure. as shown by Kory Read’s own words. “And this folks is what systematic racism looks like!” as he has written on the last page of

Quid Pro Quo, as they say. This is just more examples of Kory & Allison Read hypocrisy! Do as I say, not as I do!! 

Are Kory & Allison Read now going to go after, judge, and tear down, anyone who likes and comments on my site, even random strangers? Such venom against total strangers on this site. I would really like to know who make Kory & Allison Read judge, jury, and executioners, of anyone. They write their content as if only their opinions matter and their versions are the truth. It is only an opinion.

Kory Read is such a mind-reader, as he knows exactly what others are doing in their lives hey? He should go on the road and make some money with that one! Kory Read claims here that we “can not afford to pay the rent to live there anymore“. What makes him think we paid rent, anywhere, in all our years of working in apartment buildings?

Don’t Kory Read know that part of the benefits we got in this job did include an apartment, RENT FREE? Even utilities were paid for! We even got FREE cable!! Sure, the actual funds we received wasn’t equal to other jobs, but when you factor in free rent, utilities if not included in the rents of the building, and even free cable, we actually do really well! I never complained, why would I with all the benefits I had in my career? We even got health benefits!! I lived where I worked, how much easier can you get than that? I am not complaining over salaries I got, not even now. We always had what we needed and got to go places and do things.

The grey Nissan that Kory Read complains about I had in one of the 2 parking spots I had here, also free, I bought brand new and paid off! The other car I had was a gift from family when they left the province. I miss driving, but due to the Cervical Stenosis I can’t drive much anymore. The neck turns are terrible after a while. As I said before, Kory & Allison Read have no clue about my life. How could they? They are strangers to me.

“Either way it appears that the racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband are on the move due to something the owners have done. And they are pissed off about it. Threatening to now get the Ontario Health And Safety after them!”

This sentence above highlights Kory & Allison Read’s speculations, trying to make it sound they know what is going on.

Yes, I called Ontario Health and Safety, and filed a complaint, on Kory & Allison Read! This is so an investigation can be done about the Adult Bullying and obvious Smear Campaign online instigated by them against me and other family members, even the owners! Even other tenants living here could be affected by the target Kory & Allison placed on me and the property. I had a nice chat, was told what could be done, and it will be done. Even my sister can file a complaint, as she is also named on these sites.

In the meantime, my hubby is still working here, I am still living here. I am making plans for our move, and I am starting to get excited about it all. My nerves are bad, I cry all the time, jump at the littlest thing, but I am excited about my future and so looking forward to getting peace of mind at home on the Rock!

My Favourite Place!!