Stories as Told By Kory Read Online

Adult Bullies and Their Online Smear Campaigns

I don’t think Kory Read really understand the seriousness of his false claims against people. With the content on his domains online, Kory Read is desperately trying to make all their problems my fault.

Kory Read is stating on all his domains that they were evicted due to everyone else’s actions, not anything they may have done.

Kory Read then proceeds to spend so many pages trying to convince you with word salad and personal speculations that what he says has to be true. He does this by using comparisons of people and by taking every action and word done by others and putting his own spin on it.

A perfect example is that in an email they received it states I told one of the owners that “just because she is black she think she can throw out accusations”. All of a sudden these words become capitalized and in bold, to make it seems more dramatic, when Kory Read repeats it online on his content.

Yet, Kory Read clearly says at his apartment door on Aug 24, 2017 that I was “out to get all BLACK people removed from the building”.

So it is okay for Kory Read to use the word, but it isn’t okay for me to do so? How is that possible?

I would love for Kory Read to rationalize this away!

As I said, my mind is clearing and I can read their garbage and see things I never did before. It will be fun re-reading all this with a clearer head!

Why do people belittle others?

People put others down because they feel bad about themselves. Put downs hurt others. A group of people can also belittle others. A group of people who are bullies can hurt others because of their low self-esteem. It’s important to remember that people put others down because of their issues, and not the victim’s problems. The bully tries to convince the person they are hurting that it’s their fault. Individuals put people down to boost their confidence since they feel inferior. Maybe they’re harshly criticized at home. Perhaps they had a critical parent. There are many reasons that a person behaves in a verbally abusive manner. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t make it okay. If you think about it, the person who put you down doesn’t care about you. They’re only doing it, so they don’t have to face their feelings about themselves. If you’re verbally abused, it’s okay to reach out for help. A licensed therapist can help you learn to advocate for yourself and find your voice. You can set boundaries with people who are hurting you and get the support you need in therapy. After they learn to stick up for themselves, people feel empowered. 

I have learned the past few months that I have no need to drive myself crazy in trying to defend myself from the many lies online about me and my life.

Kory Read will do what he wants, no matter what I say. Might as well save myself some frustration and not waste my time going back and forth, as he has been doing recently.

I have learned over time that most people have common sense and can see these domains for what they are, the rantings of a pissed off tenant for being evicted. Kory Read is trying too hard. They have too many domains with the same content. This is called over-reaching.

Kory Read can’t seem to accept that no matter what he says, no one will ever truly accept it for the simple fact that he is a stranger to me and therefore cannot really know who I am to say what he does.

Kory Read do not know me. Everything written on these domains of theirs is their OWN thoughts, not mine, on actual words I did say. Kory Read puts his own interpretations and speculations on those words.

There is nothing Kory Read can do or say to convince anyone he knows me as he implies he does in this content.

It is the same for all the people he is bashing online.

How do I know Kory Read is wrong about me? I know who I am.

I am confident in the fact I did nothing wrong, I was doing my job of enforcing the rules of apartment living and looking after the landlords interest in looking after their own property. I don’t care who’s “stuff is in there”, repairs are required to be made when scheduled, whether the tenant agrees or not with how the work was done nor when.

If a landlord was required to accommodate tenants with access, there shouldn’t be any 24 hours Notice requirement in place, nor would they have the rules that tenants cannot deny entry to a landlord.

God only knows how Kory Read would have reacted if there was a fire or flood in their apartment when no one was home, and we would have had to break in to attend! That would have sent them off the rails if there was an emergency in there when no one was home, and we had to enter!

Kory Read is on his own in his beliefs about me and others, there is no one else saying these lies and no one on their side. The past 4 yrs have proven this to me.

No one really believes gossip online about others, especially written anonymously. I have been told this by so many people that I now believe it. Everything takes time…My confidence is building and once I am no longer here, it will get even higher!

Common sense tells you there is ALWAYS 2 sides to every story.

Kory Read don’t allow for that. He refuses to accept that this is my life and I have a right to live how I please without having to put up with being smeared online for doing so by him.

Kory Read has no right to speculate on anyone else’s life. No one has a right to do what they have done to people they don’t know. Society eventually will teach them this lesson.

Your opinion is not my reality…! | wiltit

The general public knows and accepts this. Why else is there a term called Smear Campaign and there is evidence of them all over the place online? Even a definition in the dictionary!

Kory & Allison Read’s domains, and the content within them, have been described to me as “gossip rags”. All the content is based on Kory Read’s interpretation and speculations on what was actually said. These speculations do not represent the truth. They can’t, as Kory Read don’t know me at all.

gossip rag: a magazine or blog containing rumorspeculation, and trivial information, generally about celebrities. Often presented in a catty manner. I spent all day reading about Britney Spears in the gossip rags.

Kory Read has so much resentment and jealousy over the fact they were evicted by legal recourse and can’t stand it. As he stated at the hearing, they were not allowing anyone in the apartment because it was his stuff in there. They were told verbally at the hearing, in the order issued Oct 3, 2017 and in the Divisional Court decision, they can’t do that. I told them and shared the rules, while they were still living here, they can’t do that. Why does Kory Read have to make it something it is not?

He has to keep trying to drive his narrative into the ground, even though he has been shown no one believes him. How long will it take for him to realize he is only showing the world what HE is all about, not me?

Truly, the only one who knows the whole truth about my life and what I say and do within it, is me.

Everything I copied below shows how Kory Read minimizes the effects I have expressed caused by their Smear Campaign, as described above.

Kory Read really has no clue about any of this, does he? How could he? HE was not there, is not a friend, nor family, to know so many intimate details about my mental health journey to write what he does below.

The main page itself, of every domain, states “This site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the anti-black and racist behavior of the Stella Reddy and her husband.”

As explained on Wikipedia this is “A variation on minimization as a manipulative technique is “claiming altruistic motives” such as saying “I don’t do this because I am selfish, and for gain, but because I am a socially aware person interested in the common good”.[7]

Kory Read is trying to pass off his actions as altruistic, by saying these sites are to “alert the public”. Who gave Kory Read the right to do such things against other people?

Kory Read spends so much time disparaging my Mental Illness within the content of his domains, yet Kory Read is not a doctor.

By minimizing and disparaging my mental illness he is showing “Typical psychological defences exhibited by stalkers and guilty criminal suspects include denialrationalisation, minimisation and projection of blame onto the victim’.[6]“.

Kory Read is like so many other individuals who put down and disparage others for any mental deficiencies, they put down what they don’t understand. I have had many times since 1984 where I had to seek mental health professionals for varying reasons, and they are mine to tell, not Kory Read.

Kory Read don’t know me and my life and trying to claim he does is ridiculous and absurd. Sorry, I think Kory Read is an idiot and uncaring of anyone going through mental health issues, He really shows his lack of empathy with these words online. Do I really need say anything else? I will let his words tell the story for me.

He still refuses to accept any responsibility for his actions and the effects they have had on my mental health. Remember, these words are from a 40+ adult, with children of his own. Such immaturinty he shows with these words!

Stella Reddy also likes to claim that she has imaginary Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) from a house fire in Newfoundland back 29 years ago in 1991.

Stella Reddy’s behavior is an insult to all individuals who really have PTSD.

Stella Reddy uses her conveniently fabricate PTSD as a crutch and a way to to leech off the Canadian government. Just like she did to her husband and enabler Russell Reddy when she decided she wanted to retire from Property Management and live off his small cleaning income.

Stella Reddy constantly plays the pity card as she tries to relate the events from June 2016 to present for her PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it.

Stella Reddy house fire has never been an issue in her conveniently fabricate PTSD.

Stella Reddy has never claimed to have the symptoms of flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the fire that night 29 years ago.

Stella Reddy always relates her conveniently fabricate PTSD as being related to the situation in which she created with her racist and anti-black behavior.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she had a pattern of her making the interracial married couple / tenants sit around all day, waiting 3 times for her and she never bothered to show up, without notice.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when ……

  • when she was plotting and serving illegal N5’s against the interracial married couple / tenants.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she was throwing away the key to their unit to justify her illegal N5 to get them evicted.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she was in front of the racist Caucasian Social Justice Tribunal Member Kevin Lundy of September 26, 2017, lying and providing altered and false documents as evidence to have the interracial married couple / tenants evicted.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she refused interracial married couple / tenants parking at the building, but at the same time gave the all-white tenant that same privilege she was refusing the interracial married couple / tenants.

She did not have PTSD when …

  • When she deliberately lied and stated that the the interracial married couple / tenants were the only tenants with a barbecue despite there being 4 other tenants. One being her own sister Cindy Jones.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she showed support that she was a racist Donald Trump on Twitter.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she threatened to call the Children’s Aid Society on the interracial married couple / tenants bi racial children, twice.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When using racial slurs, racist actions, derogatory and prejudice language during the ltb hearing in a public form.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she messaged the the interracial married couple / tenants two young bi-racial children with hateful content on Facebook messenger.

And the list goes on forever.

When everything was going in Stella Reddy’s favor, there WAS NO ISSUE OF PTSD. But now that Stella Reddy feels like the world is crashing down around her. And she is beginning held accountable for her actions and having to answers for her behavior.

Now the conveniently fabricate PTSD is an issue that she wants people to believe. It appears to be a convenient illness that Stella Reddy has been using for years for multiple reasons to try and gain pity and sympathy.

Stella Reddy is a fake and is milking the Canadian Government like others do in order to not have to work full time, if at all.

As it has been proven time and time again. Stella Reddy is a liar, a really bad liar. And the pattern of her lying only continues with her conveniently fabricate PTSD.

Minimisation is a type of deception[1] involving denial coupled with rationalisation in situations where complete denial is implausible. It is the opposite of exaggeration. Minimisation, or downplaying the significance of an event or emotion, is a common strategy in dealing with feelings of guilt.[2] Words associated with minimisation include:

Manipulative abuse[edit]

Minimisation may take the form of a manipulative technique:

  • observed in abusers and manipulators to downplay their misdemeanors when confronted with irrefutable facts.[3][4]
  • observed in abusers and manipulators to downplay positive attributes (talents and skills etc.) of their victims.[5]

‘Typical psychological defences exhibited by stalkers and guilty criminal suspects include denialrationalisation, minimisation and projection of blame onto the victim’.[6]

A variation on minimisation as a manipulative technique is “claiming altruistic motives” such as saying “I don’t do this because I am selfish, and for gain, but because I am a socially aware person interested in the common good”.[7]

Cognitive distortion[edit]

Minimisation may also take the form of cognitive distortion:

  • that avoids acknowledging and dealing with negative emotions by reducing the importance and impact of events that give rise to those emotions.
  • that avoids conscious confrontation with the negative impacts of one’s behavior on others by reducing the perception of such impacts.
  • that avoids interpersonal confrontation by reducing the perception of the impact of others’ behavior on oneself.

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