Stella Reddy is a Victim! This is My Story

July 12, 2020

Kory & Allison Read do not know me, never did. We are not family, nor friends. They were tenants whom were EVICTED, and this is their REVENGE for this eviction, A Smear Campaign!

But once again Stella Reddy with throw this deliberate implied lie out there in hopes that it will slip past and no one will challenge her on it.

I keep seeing these sentences I copied above on website and I really have no idea why.

Why would I care what Kory & Allison Read, or anyone, cares to try and “challenge” me on? Am I living this life I have, for me, or for Kory & Allison Read?

Wasn’t that the point of taking me to Human Rights back on June 4, 2018, to “challenge” me and what they say I did, and keep it up for 19 months till it came time to actually prove their allegations, they decided to walk away instead in January 2020?

They lost any say in “challenging” me on anything I say and do when they walked. They can’t cry wolf now after the fact when they made the decision to ignore their applications. Too bad, now they have to live with it.

There is nothing I need to be accountable for and as you believe you have a right to do and say whatever you want, I also have the same right.

Therefore, there is never any need for ANYONE to EVER muzzle me.

Why should anyone ever need to “muzzle” anyone else? Do not individuals have the same rights Kory Read is going on about that he has?

Kory Read has no problem speaking his mind, about any situation, therefore every other individual also has the same right. Yet, to see his writings, they claim “they are only picking up for their rights” yet when I do the same thing, he expects others to “muzzle” me? How is that acceptable?

Kory Read constantly emailed other people, trying to get these other people to “shut me up” as it were and allow them to do what they want with no hindrance. Does Kory Read really think that way?

Remember back in March 2019 they sent an application to HRTO, that was totally ignored, against my husband. Within this applicaiton Kory Read wrote the words below:

Well it is clear that once again (?) is encouraging and promoting his wife Stella Reddy to act in her racist, prejudice and discriminatory behaviour towards our family. Not only does he not attempt stop her or correct her behaviour of stalking and harassing our family, but he in fact has again been caught enabling her.

By (?) like(?) and(?), just sitting back and saying and doing nothing at a minimum, passively allowing Stella Reddy to act in such a racist, prejudice and discriminatory behaviour, and stalking our family they are as guilty as she is.

(?) like(?) and (?), have had many opportunities, time and time again to speak up and check Stella Reddy with warnings or seek help/assistance to stop her behaviour, but they deliberately choose not to. They instead sit back quietly in the shadows and allowed Stella Reddy to be the face and voice for their racist, prejudice views and beliefs against our family. They silently sit by ideally and allow Stella Reddy to continue to travel down this path for only one of two reasons.

1) They agree with her and they encourage her behaviour as she is the voice that they don’t have the courage to be, or

2) They are hoping Stella Reddy has a stroke or commits suicide and they can walk away from this mess.

Keep going Kory & Allison Read, the world is watching… How anyone could actually write the above words promoting that I die in some fashion is a Bully! How could another human being be so mean towards another human being, no matter the excuse they have?

With these words, Kory Read is promoting suicide, mainly my own. I believe Kory Read does wish I was dead, as the dead can’t defend themselves against their lies online. What do you think?

This is the fact of this case, not some convoluted story Kory & Allison Read came up with.

I made this site to expose the Smear Campaign against me, not for Kory & Allison Read to take what I write and twist it all around once again with their nasty speculations. This is the simple truth, in Kory Read’s own words:

If you do bother to read the websites I list below on this page, be prepared! You will see various speculation written by these people above, as Administrator, where they tear down me, Stella Reddy, and anyone who supports me.

While I know every person has a right to their own perspectives, as far as Kory & Allison Read are concerned, they feel their views are the only ones that matter. Kory Read’s opinion is Kory Read’s opinion. It is not facts, nor can they be backed up by facts. No matter how much word salad and comparisons he uses, these words written on their domains are still just his opinions. They are still Kory Read interpretation of what happened, not the truth nor can his interpretation be proven, otherwise they would not have walked away from their own Applications they filed with Human Rights of Ontario.

No matter the circumstances, if Kory & Allison Read felt so strongly their views of myself and everyone else is true, NOTHING should have stopped them from going ahead with trying to prove it with Human Rights. I was there, ready and able to do whatever I needed to defend myself, no matter the mental health issues I was having. NOTHING stops me from speaking up for myself, no matter the opposition. They had spent 19 months already embroiled in the process, why walk when they were so close? It was only a hearing to give them a chance to fight for their case to be heard, but they didn’t even try. They walked and instead posted nasty vindictive content on various websites, hoping that the general public will come after me instead. Exactly what Adult Bullies do with Smear Campaigns!

Due to the speculations Kory & Allison Read have written, I thought to remove some of this content till all the repercussions are over but I will clarify something here: No one was fired and no one is being kicked out.

So who could this mystery individual be that Stella Reddy has researched and reach out too? 

Who could this mysterious individual be that has accepted Stella Reddy’s boo-hoo pity blog?

Once again Kory Read shows how he can take words written by another and twist them so badly with his imagination that it becomes almost opposite than the intention. Where do I say I spoke to an individual? Also, how can you assume that just because someone liked and commented on my page that I was talking about this person? Just more proof of their speculations and trying to pass them off as the truth… 🙂 

What are Kory & Allison Read afraid of to speculate about this topic so much?

What is their problem anyway? Do they really think people with mental illness, like PTSD, are faking it, or just me? Kory & Allison Read are so judgmental! Judging others with their toxic speculations and word salad, showing their true colours after all this time! 

I feel sorry for Kory & Allison Read, as they have so much poison in their lives and towards other people that controls them. I hope they can let it go one day, but I doubt it. 

My mental state just can’t handle the Adult Bullying any more from Kory & Allison Read. I am too fragile to continue to stay living here under all this negativity and with this target they have on my back with their very smearing sites online.

I know that if I stay here I will either end up dead or in the hospital, either from an attack or from mental health issues. Kory & Allison Read are definitely not worth that! Do they really think I would stay and put up with their crap? They aren’t worth any more of my mental stability to be honest with you.

Yes, I totally blame Kory & Allison Read.

The only way to get away from Kory & Allison Read’s influence is to leave this building and leave Ontario. They seem to have me tied to this building, and to this company, so we are cutting the ties. Yes, the internet is everywhere, but I will BE FREE! I will be able to go out, be around other people, and not fear for my life. I am cutting all ties to Kory & Allison Read with this move!

Yes, we are being driven out, all due Kory & Allison Read’s online Smear Campaign. Yes, Kory & Allison Read will be held accountable in time, I have no doubt of that, but I won’t be here to see any of it nor to play any part of it. I have no interest anymore, my interests now is towards myself and getting a fresh start away from here.

You see, I need peace. I need my life back and I need to feel free to live it. I need to get better and I can’t do that while still living here.

I need to get away from the very obvious inciting of hatred websites so in the end, Kory Read has won, I am leaving. Just not in disgrace as he had hoped and speculates I am. I am leaving in peace, so I can finally finish my recovery and get mentally healthier. I don’t need to stay living here living in misery of fear and anxiety and I refuse to do so. Why should I?

No, I plan on spending the rest of my life in peace, surrounded by family, friends, and the Atlantic Ocean, where I can finally totally ignore the antics of Kory & Allison Read. Even if they continue with their smearing online, I won’t care as I will be out of reach and will have no more reason to care. I won’t be here to worry about being attacked due to their sites and that is the point.

I will be free!!

Cyber bullies, like any bully, want to feel power and control over their victim. They want to get under their victim’s skin. Cyberbullies have created websites dedicated to insulting, mocking and humiliating their prey in the most vicious way possible. With digital video becoming ubiquitous beatings are now digitally recorded and uploaded so everyone can have a front row seat and the bloodlust can be enjoyed again and again. How can cyber bullies be so heartless? Perhaps the internet lends itself to this indifference. Bullies don’t have to see their victims or answer for their actions. Like the cowards they are they hide behind their computers and smartphones – behind a veil of anonymity. Remember, bullies often suffer from low self-esteem and they want to feel better about themselves. Instead of doing something positive or succeeding at something or making a new friend a bully has learned to make themselves feel better by controlling, abusing and tearing down others. This gives them a sense of control and power they don’t have in their lives. Most bullies are actually quite weak and the same is true of cyber bullies. Bullies are hoping to get you upset so you slip up and make a mistake.

I made this site to expose Kory & Allison Read, pictured above, as Adult Bullies and instigators of the obvious Smear Campaign they have online against myself and others in various websites since 2017. Kory & Allison Read have no right to be so vindictive towards myself and others in the content on these sites, no matter their excuse. As the poster above explains perfectly what Kory Read is doing on with the content there. They go out of their way to paint you in a misleading and toxic light using strategies including exaggeration, instigation of rumours, slander, and lies. The content on these sites intend to shame the victims they attack with their speculations over their actions, trying to pass it off as the truth in the hopes of inciting hatred towards myself and others so we will be attacked in some form.

I keep asking myself: Who gave Kory & Allison Read the right to post such hateful content online about someone else? 

This is a story about previous tenants, Kory & Allison Read, who are pissed off over being evicted for something they did but refuse to accept the decision and proceeded on a Smear Campaign online of the various people who took part and enforced this eviction, and it is still ongoing. These sites they have online has also put a target on my back by sharing pictures, addresses and telephone numbers. This action has caused severe stress on myself, and has affected every aspect of my life. As you read the following pages, you will come to understand why. 

While I understand these tenants were upset, there is no need for their actions now, a year after they vacated the property before the Sheriff came to lock them out. All legal actions are over, which they either lost or walked away from, and they are doing all this on purpose with the intention of trying to ruin personal and professional reputations. This is an intentional Smear Campaign and Cyber-Bullying. It needs to STOP! 

Kory Read and Allison Read have been getting more extreme in their allegations lately and I know it is due to my exposing their actions. They are looking for me to “freak out” and respond defensively with my emotions so he can twist my words once again. The power is gone though and I don’t react that way anymore. As I say throughout these pages, Kory Read & Allison Read are determined to be heard and have their revenge, and they do not care what boundaries they cross. They are piggy-backing with the recent news of anti-black racism in the hopes of putting a target on my back with their own personal views so I will be criticized by strangers more than I have been already.

You see, they don’t put their names on these sites, just has it as Anonymous. Only cowards hide their names from such content! Why hide if what he claims is true? Kory Read hides as only wants others to attack the person in the content, not the writer of such nasty content. Kory Read don’t want people disagreeing with him, which is why he hides away behind his computer and posts as a Anonymous person instead. 

I am not in denial over any of this, I never was, I made mistakes and I did go crazy for quite a few months where I was very emotional, and had varying symptoms of C-PTSD and depression with psychosis. I don’t think anyone would blame me once you read the crap that was given to me. I had a mental breakdown and lost 2 days I still don’t remember in July 2018. I even had hallucinations at times and became very paranoid. Once you read the info I share, you will come to see why I was so badly affected. 

I would not be in this place if it were not for the actions of Kory & Allison Read. I would not have this site online if those websites were not still there either. I decided to make my own and share the very documents they refuse to do, that show the truth. This site is for me, to ease my anxiety over the target I feel is on my back so that if anything does happen to me, the blame can be placed where it belongs: on Kory & Allison Read.

Over the next few months after my breakdown, I spent a lot of time on the phone with a mental health help-line, just trying to get through each day while I waited to see a specialist. I tried suicide twice within a few months, as I was so depressed. I was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, severe depression with psychotic episodes, with severe anxiety. Since November 2018 I have tried various medications and counselling which has helped me recover, some medications as you know can have some terrible side effects and I went through a couple of months of this. I still have bouts of depression, only about once or twice a week now, but I am no longer suicidal. My anxiety is still there, mostly from the target I feel that is on my back from these very specific smearing websites online about me.

Kory & Allison Read make the claim I am looking for sympathy on their sites with my expressions of emotions I share. Of course, they would, as they refuse to see me as a human being whom could be affected by their very obvious Smear Campaign and Bullying of myself. They refuse to accept that their actions could severely affect someone else psychologically to the extend it has, as they refuse to accept responsibility for anything they do. This statement of theirs proves their lack of empathy towards anyone else and what they could be going through, especially at their hands. Kory & Allison Read actions of smearing is becoming very obvious on their newly added content on their websites recently. Who gave Kory & Allison Read the right to do such a thing against total strangers? Is this now what society has come too, to allow such actions to continue online like this? 

Kory & Allison Read make it sound like I am the ring-leader, dragging everyone else around by the nose and bullying them into my way of thinking and that I was actually forcing the property owners. Is this really reasonable? I was very confident in my ability to do the job I had, what is so wrong with showing that? They make it sound like every thing I did in my position here was such a big crime by picking everything I did apart with their own assumptions.

From June 4, 2018, over 19 months, I was embroiled in the Human Rights Applications filed by my bullies and had to respond to various forms and write documents.  I was also waiting for the Divisional Court Appeal hearing. It was not easy for me to do, at times it took forever to type a response due to emotions, and there were times I got very stressed out over the various documents I was getting filed with their assumptions! Some of the emails, forms, documents were so distressing as they had so many assumptions, also evidence of them stalking of myself and my family, it was hard to read. There are still some documents I have that I have not completely read as they were so terrible.

It got to the point where it was so bad on my mental health, I had to have others read the stuff I got first and tell me if I could read it or not. You will see for yourself the documents I received and you can read the words that would send anyone off the rails, so you can decide for yourself.

Before you read too much, check out these sites so you can decide for yourself what you think the purpose of them being online. (on the way)

While I appreciate this has been a very difficult situation, on all sides, I can’t sit idly by and allow this Smear Campaign and Cyber-Bullying online to continue on myself and others. Time to fight back!

There is a lot of information online about Bullies and their Smear Campaigns, you will be amazed over the information you find. I shared some links on another page. Quora Digest is also another great resource for articles written by survivors and specialists. 

Bullying is not something new and has been ongoing for decades and will continue to keep going as long as Bullies like Kory & Allison Read are allowed to continue. This situation is so very terrible on mental health and it destroys your life. 

I have learned that normal people don’t go around making and posting sites like what Kory & Allison Read have online, just because they are mad over something you did. Its not normal for people to make and post websites about total strangers. Why waste so much time, money and energy trying to prove something online when they couldn’t do it in the judicial system? They walked away from the courts and made nasty sites instead. 

You can tell Kory & Allison Read are mad and very resentful, just by the content of their sites.They make such bold claims against me!  They are looking for some kind of validation for their claims that they haven’t received from anyone in the judicial system, so thought they would get it from strangers online. This is what the world has come too, strangers posting nasty stuff online about other people cause they are mad over how they did their jobs? Is this a reasonable reaction? 

Everything they write is pure speculation, as there is no possibility that they could know someone else’s intentions or thoughts. Kory & Alison Read are total strangers to me and everyone else they write about. We are not friends, nor family, so for them to say with such confidence what they perceive I am doing, is of course all speculation! 

No matter how many words they use in their word salad documents, they will never convince anyone that their fantasy stories about me, or anyone, as laid out on their websites are true, just for this simple fact. There is no doubt that they are strangers to all they bash online, yet try to convince you that they know what we are doing. They speculate over every little thing I did, even now!! 

I copied the sentence below from where Kory & Allison Read make their claims against my character. Everything in this sentence is projection, as I share on these pages the evidence of their own actions of bigotry, racism, hypocrisy, and severe lying against myself and others. It is in their own written words I share so you can see for yourself, which is why I share everything! 

These other lies and actions WILL BE brought out onto the website and people will be able to see what Stella Reddy is all about. She is a anti-black racist, bigot, hypocrite and a bad liar!” Stella Reddy believes in white privilege and that her anti-black racist and offensive language and actions are not of anyone’s concerns. Because she just does not care what anyone thinks about it!”

Kory & Allison Read want people to ignore common sense and accept what they say, just because they say it.

Yeah right, in what reality do that ever happen? I wasn’t aware that another person could be such an authority on another to be able to say with such confidence what they perceive they are doing in their lives, as Kory Read tries to do. He implies above that he knows who I am yet he doesn’t have a clue, how can he?

I don’t need to answer to them, nor respond to anything they have to say, as they absolutely have no control anymore nor any say over my life. They walked away from any rights they had to question me over anything. Everything they do now is just being malicious and vindictive over all that loss! They had to move out and now they are using these sites to try and pressure us to vacate as well, either on our own from the target on our backs or having my husband fired. it is making me more determined to stay and fight for my rights and the rights of others not to be shamed online by total strangers. 

In the end, I know that Kory & Allison Read’s personal opinions mean shit in the scheme of things and have no real bearing on me nor how I live my life. It is after all my life to live, not theirs. It is the fact that they have these sites online about me putting a target on my back that I am fighting against and the obvious Smear Campaign of my character! 

Kory & Allison Read  have no control and they know it, which is why these sites they posted exist, to try and have some control over how I am perceived to the public, which is the definition of a Smear Campaign! 

This is the absurdity of these claims by Kory & Allison Read. They expect total strangers to accept that they know me with such surety to say what they do about me, and other named, on these sites. 

I would not trust people like Kory & Allison Read, whom have no compunction in posting websites like they have about others. If they do this type of website about one person, they wouldn’t have any problem doing it about someone else. They are people to avoid or next you know they have a website online about you! 

Kory & Allison Read paints you in a misleading and toxic light using strategies including exaggeration, instigation of rumours, slander, and lies on all these websites and as a society, we all need to stand up and say STOP. This is Bullying and Smear Campaign!

Legal Action

hearsay – a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people; 

As everything submitted by Kory & Allison Read is written in their own words, it is considered “hearsay” as they do not know for sure why the actions were taken and they provide no proof. 

Kory & Allison Read vacated the building on their own on June 1, 2019, before the Sheriff could come and lock them out. They were evicted by process of the Landlord and Tenant Board on September 26, 2017, and the Order was issued for their eviction on October 3, 2017, for persistent, and consistent, refusal of access to the apartment for repairs. They filed an appeal with Divisional Court which was held February 19, 2019, and the decision was released April 15, 2019. They tried to appeal this decision with Divisional Court and a hearing on the Motion was held on May 30, 2019, for which they didn’t show up, so it was determined as abandoned. 

On June 4, 2018, Kory & Allison Read filed applications with Human Rights of Ontario claiming racism and prejudice, which an Interim Decision released March 8, 2019, stated there was no proof and the applicants, Kory & Allison Read, were given 35 days to file submissions with the proof of their allegations, which they ignored. 

The Human Rights process was a long and distressing one, as I had almost daily emails from Kory Read with one complaint or another and there were delays. The Human Rights Teleconference hearing was held on January 17, 2020, and Kory & Allison Read didn’t bother showing up, so the applications were dismissed.

If they are so confident in their claims, and they said they had proof, yet why did they walk away and not bother to show up?

I share here the various decisions on for this situation that have been released over the past few years where you can read the decisions for yourself. Human Rights Interim Decision released March 8, 2019 Human Rights Final Decision released January 22, 2020 Divisional Court released the decision on Costs October 22, 2019 Divisional Court released Decision April 15, 2019 Landlord and Tenant Board released Decision October 3, 2017 


    1. Thank you!! I appreciate the support and sorry you went thru this as well. Nothing worse than a Smear Campaign. Adult Bullies need to be stopped and to do that, they need to be exposed. I love your blog!

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