Smear Campaigns Objective

The objective of a smear campaign is to shame, embarrass, and humiliate the target into compliance to the Bully targeting you. Sometimes, it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

It worked on me because I was predisposed, as I already had PTSD and the anxiety that went with it from a house fire I experienced many years ago.

I do have issues with ignoring the mess and lies online within the content of these domains. I am way better than I was, but every once in a while, I get buried in my head and the feelings generated by knowing this content is online for the world to see.

I know this is Kory Read’s intention, to cause so much distress that I would commit suicide. I have discovered I am way too strong to give Kory Read that much power over my life and emotions but I do still get overwhelmed at times.

You can see by the content within these domains how nasty and malicious Kory Read is being towards so many people, not just myself.

The pressure from the property owners over staying quiet and not defend myself didn’t help either. I was always told to not say anything, not give Kory & Allison Read anything to talk about as every time I did, they twisted it around, as you can see from the content in their websites!

Even my comments about being told to stay quiet and not give Kory Read someone else to talk about, he twisted around on these sites, implying that there was something there to stay quiet about!

Kory Read loves to imply so much, yet he has never proven any of it is actually true, has he?

Kory Read is posting his own personal perceptions online, not anything based on facts nor evidence. Just what he thinks! This sentence is what I keep telling myself. I also keep reminding myself that Kory Read is not friend nor family, therefore he don’t know me well enough to make such claims against me!

So, yes, reading their garbage played on my psyche. The process of Human Rights Tribunal ensures that you get all documents submitted to them and having to read it was debilitating for me, and Kory Read played on that. Some of the stuff he wrote is totally disgusting….I still haven’t read all of it that I have!

I am some what confused over how Kory Read can posts such outright bullshit about total strangers to him and actually think it will help him.

I am shocked that Kory Read is not able to see how these actions of his of posting online about other people isn’t starting to backfire. I have come to see that in the end, Kory Read will be the one ostracized. The content he has online is turning against him and his family, as his name is becoming well known as a Bully who is tearing down others online he is mad at.

Every agency, and individual, mentioned on these websites are now aware and even tenants from Kennedy Rd now know what Kory Read has online about them.

I am waiting now to see what comes out of that. Maybe someone else may have the energy and resources to go after Kory Read in Civil Court, you never know!

Since I moved away, I am no longer obligated to keep it to myself and can share all the info I gained the past few yrs on Kory and Allison Read and their actions online against so many! I have shared it all with so many now!

Kory Read states on that there are consequences of the actions of the property owners and that he has made it his mission to inform everyone who they are paying rent too. Like Kory Read’s lone voice really has any influence over that!

I have made it my mission to show Kory Read hypocrisy in his words and actions, as he is doing the very same to others that he complains was done to him!

How can he rationalize that? Kory Read is a total hypocrite! Doing to others what he complains was done to him, like he has a right to do that.

Kory Reads ego is such that he sees nothing wrong with what he does but will bash anyone who does the same.

Kory & Allison Read won’t get the results they want. All they will end up with is their own name in the mud!

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