Kory & Allison Read’s Reply – HRTO

July 13, 2020

Below is Kory & Allison Read’s response to my Reply to their application received June 4, 2018. 

Rules of Procedures state that Kory & Allison Read were to answer any new matters that were raised in my response, like the proof I asked for of this prior meeting they claim we had, the website they had at the time and the Facebook posts they did, but they totally ignored everything I said and used this as another excuse to raise more accusations over Visitor’s Parking, BBQ’s, and their request for a parking pass to park in visitors area. 

As there were no parking spots available, they wanted to park in Visitor’s parking area and take one of the 6 spaces we had for free. If I gave a visitors spot to each tenant waiting for a parking space, we wouldn’t have any spots available for visitor’s! I gave Kory & Allison Read a parking request form where it states the rules and parking fee and that I would add them to the list of waiting tenants. They instead gave a tenant service form and requested a parking pass for visitors.They didn’t want to pay for parking, even threatened to take off rent for any parking tags they got for parking in Visitors. The owners allowed them to remain parking there so parking enforcement was no longer called, for any tenant parking there. I refused to tag one tenant and not another for doing the same thing. 

“At this time the Applicant and her family do not think that there is any need to address the respondent’s response.”

The sentence above, taken from this letter below, Kory & Allison Read are showing their arrogance and lack of respect for rules and procedures of the process they started with Human Rights.This was not for them to make more accusations but answer for the ones they already accused me of! 

More attempts to distract the readers from the main point of all this, their refusal of access to the apartment that they could not do and their accountability for that. 

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