Kory & Allison Read & Defamation of Stella Reddy

September 9, 2020

September 13, 2020

I have noticed that since I mentioned I had body camera footage of every interaction between myself and Adult Bullies, Kory & Allison Read, they have been changing the content online. We will see soon enough who is accurate, won’t we?

I have actual footage of Allison Read, not Kory Read, recording me on her cell in office. I have actual footage of Kory Read being nasty over BBQ and the papers they brought.

I guess in time we will see that Kory Read loves to embellish and lie deliberately to try and get his way.

The poster above says it so clearly, doesn’t it? Kory & Allison Read lost their legal battles with Divisional Court and walked away from their Human Rights complaints, so now have resorted to slander & defamation on the internet in various domains, instead.

It’s ok, I am ensuring that if anyone searches for my name, they get my website as well. If Kory & Allison Read are determined to ruin my reputation with the content within those domains, I am taking them with me, as I too am also covered under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Kory & Allison Read are more than welcome to take me to Civil Court over this website and the content within it now, and what is to come, once I am no longer obligated through my husband’s employment to keep it to myself. As he has challenged me and others to take them to Civil Court, I am now challenging them. I would make it quick tho as I am gone soon!


While Kory Read believes he is covered under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that guarantees the right to “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication”, but this right, along with all rights guaranteed by The Charter, is not absolute.

Some types of free expression in Canada are crimes, such as perjury, distributing obscene material, and hate speech. The right to free expression is subject to “reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.” Free expression crimes in Canada are constitutional issues, and the onus is on the government to prove that the infringement is justifiable.

However, some limits on free expression in Canada have nothing to do with government restrictions or the right to free expression as defined in the Charter. One such limit is the civil tort of defamation.

Defamation refers to harming another person’s reputation by making a false written or oral statement about that person to a third party. Defamation law is not about protecting pride; it is about protecting reputation and offering restitution to people whose reputations have been wrongly damaged. Although courts will very occasionally issue an injunction to stop defamation that has not yet occurred, almost all defamation cases involve one person suing another for damages from defamatory statements that have already been made.

Tort law surrounding defamation law does not directly curb your right to free expression; it is not illegal per se. Rather, defamation is generally about paying damages to people that have been harmed by your speech. You can still say whatever you want, but you may have to pay for it (and you may have to pay a lot).

It should also be noted that defamation law in Canada varies from province to province. In Ontario, for example, legislation on defamation is found in the Libel and Slander Act. Defamation can be subdivided into libel and slander:

  • Libel: defamation with a permanent record, such as an email, a radio or TV broadcast, a newspaper, a website posting, etc.
  • Slander: defamation with no permanent record, such as a spoken statement or even a hand gesture.

Suing for Defamation is a long and expensive thing to do. I don’t really care about the money, it is the defaming websites that I want removed. Who wouldn’t?

Just like I know Kory & Allison Read wishes I would get so overwhelmed that I would remove this site like I did the free ones I have done the past year. It won’t happen though.

When I return after getting settled in NL, I plan on showing everything else I have that proves Kory & Allison Read were lying and out to get me. I have so much material that definitively shows Kory & Allison Read being aggressive and nasty towards me while I worked here.

Why else do you think I was willing and able to stay with the process of Human Rights, no matter how my mental health was? I knew I had the evidence I needed that proved they were lying.

Why else do you think I felt comfortable enough to file my own complaint with Human Rights on August 24, 2017, that got mismanaged and dismissed without my knowledge in May 2018 so Kory & Allison Read could file on me in June 2018? I had the proof to show my case.

When I called them, I was told my complaints will also be addressed within these files, but Kory & Allison Read ignored their applications, so everything was dismissed.

None of my own complaints were ever addressed and when I spoke with Human Rights in January 2020 after the dismissal, I was told I would have to re-file but with no physical address for Kory & Allison Read it wouldn’t get anywhere.

You see Kory Read won’t share their address, no matter what he says online about people knowing how to get a hold of him. A physical address is needed, and he won’t give it so no one CAN file on them anywhere. Kory Read knows this which is why he is so blatant within their content online.

Stella Reddy wants nothing more in life then these websites down because they show the truth about her racist behavior with her own documents, testimony, pictures, blog and so on.”

With this sentence above Kory Read is clearly stating what he is doing against me, by sharing documents, testimony from the Landlord and Tenant Board, pictures of myself and other family members he shares online, and he copies and pastes words I have on this site.

What Kory Read describes here is the definition of a Smear Campaign “smear campaign, also referred to as a smear tactic or simply a smear, is an effort to damage or call into question someone’s reputation, by propounding negative propaganda. It can be applied to individuals or groups.”

Kory Read don’t see these actions as bad, he is trying to claim being altruistic, claiming that he is being a good citizen by “informing the public” of such actions he claims have been done only to him and his family by others.

If Kory Read is so concerned about informing the public about my actions, how come it is only against him and his family? After advertizing these lies online beginning November 2, 2017, why has no one else come forward and contact them to complain about me as well?

Wouldn’t you think that after almost 4 years, that someone else would have contacted Kory Read with complaints about me of racism and discrimination, if I was really like that? Where are they? All I see on these domains is Kory & Allison Read. What does that tell you?

I did work in the Property Management Industry where I lived and worked for 18 yrs dealing every day with the general public between Brampton, Hamilton, & Toronto. If I was really anti-black don’t you think that it would have been exposed long before now by someone?

How is it that it has only been Kory & Allison Read making these allegations against me? Where are all the other people, if I was such a racist person?

The poster above so clearly describes Kory Read and his belief system. It’s okay for Kory Read to use the word “black” when describing others, but it isn’t okay for others to say it. Kory & Allison Read show so much hypocrisy, it is plain to see.

It is okay for Kory & Allison Read to post so much garbage online within various domains, but its not okay for me to have even one? See how he tears down the fact I have my own site, yet he has 6 online?

All these domains listed above are owned and managed by Kory & Allison Read and all contain basically the same info: that everyone is out to get ONLY them. That out of all the individuals whom have gone before any of these tribunals, it is ONLY Kory & Allison Read that were picked on…

How absurd is that belief of theirs? Are Kory & Allison Read that special?

There is no empathy to the mental health issues their actions have caused.

There is no empathy towards other tenants he tried to get involved and whose info he shares online.

There is no concern to the discord he caused within the property while he lived here and spread so many rumours within.

Kory Read is like a wrecking ball, going through and tearing down reputations of anyone who gets in his way. This is what these domains are, a way to tear down anyone who had anything at all to do with their eviction from the building.

I am really amazed that Kory Read don’t see what these actions of posting such garbage online about so many people, is doing to their own reputation.

Tell me please, who actually has respect for people who posts such garbage online? Who really believes any of it?

I haven’t heard from anyone yet who believes the garbage online about me, as written by Kory & Allison Read. All I have received is empathy for what I have experienced. Something that is seriously lacking from Kory & Allison Read and it is so obvious. This lack of empathy is proof that Kory & Allison Read don’t care about the truth, they only care about themselves. The content within those domains are all the evidence you need of that.

Got any comments for me?