Government Of Canada Privacy Rights! New Ones Coming!

I am very aware that my mental health issues won’t go away overnight. My anger towards Kory & Allison Read don’t want to go away. All it takes is to see those domains still online and I get pissed off.

I have tried since November 2017 to get these sites removed by emailing ICANN, Domain Companies he uses, and the servers he uses. Each time I get it shut down, Kory Read moves the domain to a new server and it comes back again. I was told this could happen if I took him to Civil Court as well, so why waste my time?

Since moving away from Ontario and eliminating the fear of being attacked, I find I am just left with the anger. I have been up and down with this site. I get fed up and reach a point where I don’t want anything to do with it and delete everything, then I get mad again and start over.

I am angry that Kory Read feels he has the right to write whatever he wants online, about total strangers to him, within the content of those domains.

I don’t care about Kory & Allison Read personally, I only care about the fact that they feel so comfortable posting garbage online about other people. This has always been my problem.

How can Kory Read write so blatantly about someone else?

I have been following the news on the new privacy legislation coming out from the Government of Canada and personally, I can’t wait!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked Bains to work with other ministers to advance the digital charter and beef up the privacy commissioner’s powers with the overall goal of establishing a new set of online rights.

They are to include:

  •  the ability to withdraw, remove and erase basic personal data from a platform, such as Facebook or Twitter;
  •  knowledge of how personal data is being used, including through a national advertising registry;
  •  the ability to review and challenge the amount of personal data that a company or government has collected;
  •  a means of informing people when personal data is breached, with appropriate compensation;
  •  and the ability to be free from online discrimination including bias and harassment.

Rachel Rappaport, a spokeswoman for Justice Minister David Lametti, said last month the government is committed to reviewing the Privacy Act to ensure it keeps pace with the effects of technological change and evolving Canadian values.

Once this new privacy law comes into effect, websites like the domains owned by Kory Read won’t be allowed to exist.

No website will be able to be posted about other people.

I will be free from the online harassment! I will even have to give up this site, but I don’t care about that. I would give it up tomorrow if those sites about me were gone.

The best word I can think of to describe the feeling, is insidious. Knowing that there is so many lies and manipulations written about you online is insidious. It slowly eats at you, knowing this info is there online about you with pictures and all!

My logic tells me know one really cares about Kory Read’s personal opinions on total strangers, it is taken as gossip and not being trustworthy. How can it be when he don’t know the people he writes about?

My anxiety issues don’t care about that tho. All it needs to know is that this info is there, online.

I personally will be very glad when the day comes that I can complain about all this personal info being online about me within the content on various domains and social media, and get it removed.

I know once these sites are gone for all time, I will be totally free!

Just so you know, I did do a survey on these new privacy laws a few months ago being brought out by the Canadian Government.

I did send them the links to all the domains I am mentioned in, as well as all the Facebook posts, so they can see for themselves what people like myself are going through, all because the internet isn’t regulated for privacy of individuals.

I even sent them the saved info I have on all of Kory Read’s domains, showing that now he has a Privacy service he hides behind.

The Canadian Government has all the info I have gathered on Kory & Allison Read’s Smear Campaign against so many individuals and government agencies, so they can see for themselves what people like Kory Read will do to others online.

Time for people to say NO to Bullies creating smear campaigns online against others! There HAS to be a way to make it STOP!

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