First Nasty Letter

July 13, 2020

The letter that started it all August 31, 2016.

Below, I will share the first letter received from Allison Read on behalf of herself and Kory Read. In this letter, they give vague details of this prior meeting they claim we had where they based all their accusations on, yet she states here that the first time we met was when she came to the office in July 2016, to pay rent.  As the HRTO case proceeded, they were asked for proof of this action but as it didn’t happen, there was no proof they could give. This letter was sent after the first Form N5 was given for refusing pest control, but once given access was allowed. and the owners asked me to ignore it, which I did, for a year till they sent a work order in August 2017 to start it all over once again. 

What do you think their purpose was in sending this letter? They say it was a frivolous N5 given to them for refusing access, but that is what these forms are for, are they not? Kory & Allison Read always refused access, no matter what the reason was for, and I have it in writing as each and every time notice was sent for access, I got a email refusing it cause it was “not convenient” time for them, or they argued it was already done. 

Got any comments for me?