Emails: Kory Read

July 14, 2020

Below, you will find all the emails I received from Kory Read from June 8, 2018 to October 14, 2019. There are quite a few blank ones there, with just “place in file” in the subject line. I don’t know why Kory & Allison Read thought they could keep adding to the applications they already submitted on June 4, 2018 but throughout the 19 months they continually sent in more and more, trying to use my reactions over their written crap as more evidence against me. This is not how the process works and they should have known that before even applying to them. 

You will find some just sent to me, even an strange one I got with the same spelling of “ohh boo hoo” as the one I actually got from Kory Read and the messages I got on LinkedIn from Kory Read trying to access my social profiles. Why would Kory Read want to see my LinkedIn profile? More evidence of his stalking. 

There are also quite a few where you will see Kory Read try to manipulate me into trying to do what he wanted, and when I do not, he once again emails people to ask them to get me to “stop emailing them”. This is done as a humiliation tactic as I refused to give him what he wanted, just as Kory & Allison Read did with my employers when I worked here. They continued this trend with HRTO over everything I did. 

One thing I want people to see from all this: there is no empathy, just baiting, trying to get a response that they can use against me. Kory & Allison Read show no emotions, no vulnerability that tells the readers they are human people being affected by this, they only attack and accuse everyone else.

The content on their websites are all about the “bad” others did to them, in their own perspectives. They never admit to anything they did, no, they are perfect and do no wrong. Kory & Allison Read don’t seem to realize that these sites tell more about them and their intentions than they realize. Someday, maybe, they will see but I won’t hold my breath. 

Kory & Allison Read are very aware that I have been mentally compromised but there is no consideration, no acknowledgement of one human being to another for a very stressful situation. There is no humility, no expression of any feelings at all, just more and more allegations, without proof, whenever I fight back and show my very human emotions over this situation I was going through. To them I am not a person, I am a thing to be destroyed.

I am another human being but Kory & Allison Read have always treated me as a automation, as a thing that they could attack and throw accusations at, all the time, but as soon as I respond, I am “harassing” them with my “pointless and ranting” emails and disturbing them for “speaking up for their rights”. Like I have no rights at all, not even to respond. 

This is what I want people to see: Kory & Allison Read feel like I have no rights, not even to my name, as they stole it for their Smear Campaign website. They have always treated me and talked to me, and about me, like I am a second-class citizen who has no right to speak up for myself. Whenever I do, I am blasted for doing so, as you can read. It has always been this way.

The actions of Kory & Allison Read are only strengthening social profiling of individuals and they are more guilty of “racism and bias” with their Smear Campaign websites than I could ever be in my lifetime with their constant labeling of people. With their own words online in the content of these websites, and in the documents I have, they are showing the world just how small minded they are. They have labelled people from Hamilton as “sloppy/bummy” , the LTB adjudicator as “ghetto” their constant use of “Caucasian” and “racist” before a name.

Their action of walking away from HRTO shows just how unwilling they are to fight for real change. All Kory & Allison Read are interested in is blaming others and are abusing a real issue for their own personal gain. 

“Playing the race card is an idiomatic phrase that refers to the exploitation of either racist or anti-racist attitudes in the audience.” They claim race is the issue, as they thought it would cause us to back off, when it was the refusal of entry. Nothing else and now everyone knows it like I do. 

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