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Adult Bullies and Their Online Smear Campaigns

I can’t wait for moving day! Its really close now, and I am getting anxious to get on the road! I am excited for the road trip! We planned a little mini-vacation for our trip to the Ferry Crossing, going to be making stops on the way to check out some areas that we can off the highway.

I love the water, especially the Atlantic Ocean. Growing up surrounded by water, the pull of the tides become a part of your rhythm and you miss it when it isn’t there. I always feel the pull of the Ocean and feel totally at peace when I am around it.

I took this picture last year when we were home for vacation. It is my most favourite spot in the world! The tinkle of the water on the rocks is a peaceful sound. I spent hours sitting on the rocks, listening to the waves.

I will be spending a lot of time here when I move home. I need to ease my soul and this is the best way ever! Sitting my the Ocean or being on the Ocean, are my favourite thing.

Kory Read implies I am jealous of them and what they have accomplished but it is one of his many projections.

I would never wish to be in someone else’s life, my own is enough for me. I have no wish to go back and re-live it. I have always managed to get what I wanted, been able to indulge my passions for computers over the years, even built a few myself and was the family, and work, IT person.

I got to travel and see our beautiful Canada in a fantastic road trip in 2017, driving from Regina Sask to Vancouver Island, BC. I have travelled from one end of Canada to another. Now I get to move back home and live surrounded by the Ocean once again and get my rhythm back on track.

Yes, I am excited! Not much longer now and I will be FREE!!

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