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Adult Bullies and Their Online Smear Campaigns

October 16, 2020

I was surprised that the backup I did on this site awhile back worked and now everything is as it was.

While I appreciate that I probably should just ignore Kory & Allison Read and their very nasty smear campaign online, my sense of fairness won’t allow me to do that.

I have such a hard time ignoring those sites and the content within it with its many lies, and it just seems to be getting worse. You would think that with people ignoring them they would give up, but you don’t understand narcissism. A narcissistic person is just not capable of giving up.

Kory Read is so determined to affect my life and whom I have in it, that he won’t stop trying. The Facebook groups he started show me that.

Kory Read is an idiot for trying to convince people he knows what he is talking about in terms of my life, when he is a total stranger to me. He just loves to speculate on what I have said and done, trying so hard to convince people he knows me with so much word salad.

No matter how many words Kory Read uses, how many comparisons, it won’t make what he says true about me. Kory Read is speculating on my life, that’s all.

Perfect example is trying to convince people I was the Property Manager here and yes, in this industry, titles count as it determines your pay and your responsibilities and also whether you live on site or not.

I cropped a part of the job contract that was signed June 3, 2016, and we moved on June 29, 2016 to the 1-bedroom apartment they provided on site for us to live in. You can clearly see Superintendent there, not Property Manager.

While Kory Read may spend 5 pages trying to convince otherwise, all I need is my job contract that clearly states what the title is, the pay, and what our duties are. This contract is what counts, not some strangers personal opinions over my title.

I recently read every word currently written online by Kory Read, even the hidden stuff, and it didn’t trigger any emotional response except for some anger. It has caused me to also be more determined to expose their actions.

I just need some time to remind myself that Kory & Allison Read don’t know me, are not friends, nor family, to be able to know me like he claims he does.

Yes, seeing so many lies online about you is demoralizing, which is why I had so many Mental Health issues. It still affects me to this day, as you can tell by how unorganized I am and in how I write and delete posts.

Kory Read can try and minimize my mental health issues his actions have caused all he wants, it don’t make it go away. I still suffer from severe anxiety of having so much personal info online, not just written by Kory Read but also by myself.

He even highlights my mental health deterioration within the content on his domains. A mentally healthy person would not react the way I did over most of their written crap I had to read.

I was not mentally healthy during the 19 months of the Human Rights process and it is easy to see. I am still not mentally healthy, but I am better than I was! I wrote my response over a 2-week period, as I was so emotionally overwhelmed to sit and write in one day. It was really hard to focus. I just had a mental breakdown a month before and was having periods of psychosis, where I was extremely paranoid thinking someone was coming to kill me. I had also just tried to commit suicide for the first time. It was a really dark time for me.

The stress caused by Kory & Allison Read’s Smear Campaign within the property with other tenants, the shock of hearing details for the first time in a public hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board about some prior meeting I never heard before, all sent me into a tailspin and you can tell by my reaction to what was being said.

You can tell I couldn’t even talk straight after hearing that, as I couldn’t even come up with any proper questions, but I did ask if they had proof of this alleged meeting, and they said “No”. Of course, there is no proof as the meeting never happened, and I have proof of that.

All you need to do is hear my reaction their claims on the recording I share.

I am determined now that I no longer have to deal with them in any fashion, to move on with my life. To expose Kory & Allison Read for whom they really are and what they are doing. I can’t do that while still living in this building and will wait till I move.

Moving away from Ontario is the first step. Once I am away from here, the target on my back will be gone and I will be free from everything to do with them. No more questions from tenants about their online antics. No more fear of being attacked by some stranger. You have no idea how fantastic that sounds to me!

I will be FREE of Kory & Allison Read! Totally Free to tell my story the way it needs to be told!

There are no legal actions against me, I assume they burned all their bridges within the legal system and no lawyer will touch them due to the content they have online. By putting so much online, Kory & Allison Read threw any credibility they may have had away. Civil Court won’t even help them, with these domains they have online.

I have come to accept that they will continue, no matter what I say and do. When I return, I will prove once and for all Kory & Allison Read are manipulators and liars.

This site will definitively prove Kory & Allison Read do NOT know me as they claim online by showing EVERYTHING I have gained about their behaviour, online and in person.

I have recordings of Kory Read being aggressive towards me in the office over BBQ’s. where it shows Kory Read slapping the papers he brought on BBQ on the desk and talking over me.

I have Allison Read being nasty over rental payments in the office, trying to record me on her phone.

I have video of Kory Read barrelling out of the stairwell and coming between myself and another tenant talking in the lobby, showing that if I had not stepped back, he would have bumped into me.

I have the complete conversation of what transpired at their apartment door on August 24, 2017 when Kory Read was so nasty and refused access.

I have recording of Kory Read’s voice out in front talking to other people about me.

I have recordings of Kory Read within the building talking to other tenants about me. Recordings of other tenants telling me what Kory Read has been saying to them about me. Yes, I even have recording from the camera system here of Kory Read acting up in the elvator. Wait till you see one of the video’s I have of him in the elevator and what he does.

You will not believe this behaviour is actually from a grown man!

Kory & Allison Read did not know I wore a Body Cam every time I left my apartment from the day I started working here till the day I left. My husband also wore a Body Cam at all times while out in the building. This Camera recorded everything and I will finally be able to share it.

This site eventually will share it ALL. Time to put Kory & Allison Read’s very severe Smear Campaign into proper perspective, by seeing all of MY TRUTH I have accumulated the past few yrs on their behaviour against me.

You see, moving away from this building has another reason. It frees me from keeping so much still to myself that I have which shows Kory & Allison Read for whom they really are and what they have instigated against me. Once hubby no longer works here, I will be free to share it all.

I made this site to expose Adult Bullies, Kory & Allison Read, whom have created a Smear Campaign Online in various domains against myself and many others.

I am being severely bullied by these people which has caused terrible mental health issues with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression with psychosis, severe anxiety, and fear of being physically and verbally attacked as there are pictures, addresses, and telephone numbers being shared online.

I have learned that no one has the right to do what they are doing, especially against total strangers. Kory & Allison Read do not know me, they are not friends nor family to know so many intimate details they expose online in their nasty manner.

As they are strangers, everything Kory Read writes online can be considered as his personal speculations on what was said and done, he don’t know for sure what he says is true.

This is a case of racial animus and prejudicial bias.

Kory & Allison Read did file applications with Human Rights of Ontario, against me, claiming the below.

They had me embroiled in this process for 19 months and when they scheduled a teleconference hearing to see if the case will proceed on January 17, 2020, Kory & Allison Read didn’t bother to show up. I was there, even waited on the phone as required for a hour, yet they still didn’t call in.

Yet, you will see on the domains I share they have online, Kory Read makes the claim that I am the one who is afraid for this case to get before the courts. Kory & Allison Read are the ones afraid, otherwise they would have been there!

You will also see Kory Read sharing info that shows I tried to help them, that there was no reprisal for them, as noted below. There is no evidence of racism and bigotry from anyone, which is why Kory & Allison Read walked away, they knew they couldn’t prove it.

It is all just speculations from Kory Read, just personal opinions, not actual facts.

All the content within the domains they have is just speculations, gossip, and spreading of rumours, and trying to instigate actions against myself and others named. It is obvious in his writing they are looking for revenge for being evicted.

Kory & Allison Read broke the rules of apartment living, the landlord representative took them to a tribunal, The Landlord and Tenant Board, which is there specifically to help enforce the rules of apartment living, so these rules they broke could be explained to them and enforced.

This tribunal saw, in various emails and letters written by Kory & Allison Read that was submitted as evidence, that they were consistent over a period of time, in not allowing entry for repairs and Kory Read adamantly stated during this hearing that I was not getting in as it was his stuff in there, so instead of forcing the landlord to continue putting up with this defiance of the rules, they were evicted.

Where are all these details of this prior meeting in the very first letter sent to me August 31, 2016?

First Nasty Letter

If this meeting actually took place, about 2 MONTHS before sending that letter, you would think the details would be more fresh to them at that point, and she should have been able to lay out as much detail as possible. There are no such details in this letter, as it wasn’t made up yet.

The letter sent to me August 31, 2016 is important, as it clearly says that the first time Allison Read met me was in the office when she came to pay rent. It clearly states that in this letter!

This letter proves there was no prior meeting as they claim. This is clearly evidence showing they are LYING!

Kory Read took a year to make up some restaurant claim where he says I made some comments to them, that was heard at the hearing just over a year later on Sept 26 2017. Yep, they had a year to expand on their lies. Over time, it has expanded to include anything, and anyone, else they could think of.

On these pages I do tend to ramble a bit, repeat myself a lot, but my truth shines through. I am a victim of Adult Bullies Kory & Allison Read and their Online Smear Campaigns!

Check out the domains below with its very malicious content and decide for yourself what you think these people are doing.

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