Stella Reddy’s Story of Adult Bullies, Kory & Allison Read, and Their Online Smear Campaigns!

September 30, 2020

September 29, 2020

I left Ontario 2 weeks ago today and in that time, I have found peace, in my environment and in my head. I no longer feel any severe anxiety of being attacked, physically nor verbally.

I do not have the interest to continue with this website. I find I no longer want to go back into the negativity projected by reading and writing about the content Kory & Allison Read have shared online.

I have lost interest in Kory & Allison Read.

Nothing Kory & Allison Read can say and do anymore that will have any influence on my life and how I live it.

Kory Read is nothing and no one, just a nasty tenant who got mad over being evicted. Nothing new about that story, it happens all the time. Kory Read just went extreme!!! Trying so desperately to make it someone else’s fault rather than his own!

I know that Kory & Allison Read have created a severe online Smear Campaign against me, hoping to influence my life and who I have in it, now that I am no longer in Ontario, it is not important anymore.

Kory & Allison Read do not have any influence, not over my life and whom I associate with, nor over my husband and any employment. Nor do they have any influence on where I live.

Kory & Allison Read have also lost any influence over my emotions as well. Even the anger is gone.

Kory & Allison Read are not friends, nor family, so there really is no need to even pay attention to them and their websites anymore. No one else does so why should I?

They are nothing to me and will remain that way. I am free, emotionally and physically.

This was the point of leaving Ontario, to get away from everything to do with Kory & Allison Read and get my life back. I can’t do that if I continue to pay them attention and continue with this website. Time to move on….

Kory & Allison Read can stew in the mess they made and if they wish to continue to manipulate and lie about others, they are more than welcome to continue.

No one is paying attention anymore as no one has interest in gossip, there are way too many important things going on in people’s lives, even my own now.

Eventually, it will all catch up to them, and they will be known as the liars they are, if it hasn’t already!

No one trusts any individual who tears others down as they have done on their websites I list below, nor anyone who acts in the manner Kory Read does in the video below.

Kory Read is an immature selfish asshole who has no care for anyone else but himself, you can see it in this behaviour and in his written words within the content of his domains.

Would you trust this man to be a part of YOUR LIFE? Kory Read would turn on his own mother if he could get something out of it for himself.

This is a man who claims to be a stay-at-home Dad while his wife works hard to provide for their family.

The reality is that Kory Read couldn’t keep a job due to his loud aggressive mouth. I saw this man go to school to get his plane refuelling certification but was fired within the 3 months probation. He held driving jobs with Uber and Lyft, but lost each within a few days. This is why Kory Read is at home, cause he can’t keep a job.

I assume someone said something and Kory Read turned on them.

Kory Read also lies in this video about a handing in a parking request form, when in reality it is a maintenance request form.

Kory & Allison Read have proven they cannot be trusted by sharing so much personal information online about other people, hoping to incite hatred against them.

Kory Read is using Hate Propaganda in the hopes of turning the general public against each individual they name on these sites. It is too obvious, which is why people won’t take it seriously.

No one takes Kory Read seriously anymore, time has shown him to be a liar and manipulator out to try and ruin others for his own behaviours. His content alone shows the type of person he really is.

Kory & Allison Read are doing this as they are mad they were evicted for their consistent refusal of access to the apartment they rented within the building that was ordered from the Landlord and Tenant Board hearing on September 26, 2017.

Kory & Allison Read appealed this decision with Divisional Court in October 2017 and lost in April 2019.

These domains listed below represent Kory & Allison Read’s personal speculations over the actions of all involved, it is not facts nor has Kory Read proven anything they claim.

Remember, Kory & Allison Read walked away from their own applications with Human Rights against me that was scheduled January 2020, after stickign with it for 19 months, they ignored the hearing so the files were dismissed. Why did they walk if they were so sure of what they claim and said they had proof of?

Kory Read ignored the Human Rights after 19 months because Human Rights refused to just accept his word, as he had no proof to back him up. He thought he was special enough that people would just accept his word.

All these written speculations come from the Human Rights applications that I had to respond too. Kory Read is taking my responses and twisting them into a mess with their personal opinions.

How can Kory Read write about me when he is nothing to me and don’t know me at all? This is the truth, so anything he says about me is wrong. All it takes is someone to meet me to know it is all lies online!

Kory & Allison Read thought they could break the rules of apartment living and get away with it, but they were shown there were consequences for their actions and were evicted. They didn’t like that so made up these domains in each individual’s name in order to embarrass and humiliate each person online, including the apartment building and all the tenants within it.

Check out the domains below with its very malicious content and decide for yourself what you think these people are doing. To me, these domains are revenge for being evicted.

I am off to live my life surrounded by nature and in peace, far away from the bullshit created by Kory & Allison Read online, even on Facebook now in groups. I will ignore it all now, as it is waste of time. I have better things to do!

That is what all this boils down too, doesn’t it? A Smear Campaigns intent is to try and ruin personal and professional reputations. Kory Read is clearly trying to do this to each person and to the apartment building property owners, all because he is spiteful for being evicted.

It is all personal speculations written by one individual, Kory Read, about other individuals, such as myself and Kevin Lundy. There are no facts they can show to prove what they claim, it is just words. Words are not proof.

Kory Read’s opinions, is Kory Read’s opinions. Kory Read will remain a total stranger to me and I have accepted that his opinions and speculations don’t count in my life.

Kory Read can remain in Ontario and live in the mess he made of his life on his own.

Eventually, Kory & Allison Read will lose everyone and everything they hold dear for their continual lies about others online, as no one will trust them ever again. People would be too afraid that Kory Read would do the same to them as they have done to me and others.

Kory Read seems to think he is special and an important enough person that people will believe what he says about others online in this manner, but I have come to see that is not the case. No one cares what some random strange person has to say about others, as most people will accept it as gossip.

Once you read the content within these domains you will see for yourself, as it is malicious and degrading towards each person Kory Read is mad at for evicting them.

Kory Read is nasty in his content and uses labels in order to dehumanize us, constantly putting each person down in such a degrading manner it is obvious what he is doing.

I have come to accept over time that what they say in this fashion is not accepted by the general public, as Smear Campaigns are not accepted in society.

As long as Kory & Allison Read continue in this way, nothing they say will ever be believed, as it is too obvious they are just being spiteful and malicious out of revenge.

Kory Read even states he is out to get me and claim that I can’t get away from their sites, and them, as Newfoundland also has the internet. Why make such an obvious statement of his intentions?

Kory & Allison Read have totally ignored the reason they were evicted, instead lay blame on everyone else.

Kory & Allison Read totally avoid the fact that my husband and I left Ontario, were driven from our home and my husband’s job, due to their Smear Campaign online against me as there was no way I would stay living there with such a target on my back they put online with pictures and addresses where I live.

Kory Read don’t seem to accept that I did no wrong, I did my job of enforcing the Landlords right of entry to the property they own to maintain it in the fashion expected by the regulations.

It was Kory Read’s decision to refuse entry that got them evicted, time to accept it. They broke the rules and had to deal with the consequences.

Even their own children will grow to hate the drama their parents cause in their lives with these domains online, keeping their names in the spotlight and as a result their children will become affected.

It is time for me to let it all go and ignore them, let them continue in their hatred towards myself and others, it no longer matters to me.

I am done.

Got any comments for me?